8 Spoooooky Infographics That’ll Really Freak You Out

Happy October!

One thing we really hate about the nutrition-sphere is all that negative, fear-based motivation. Who wants to be scared into eating better? (No one.)

No wonder it’s so hard to do what we’re “supposed” to do — we’re being bullied into it, and that just never works.

But it is almost Halloween, so we thought we’d round up some scary stuff for you to sink your teeth into.

In honor of the scariest month of the year, we’ve pulled together 8 of the most upsetting health infographics we could find. Take ’em with a grain of salt.

1. 9 Shocking Facts About the Food Industry

Basically about how corn is in everything, even… vegetables?


2. Americans with Eating Disorders

Side by side stats that force you to ask — if there’s so much money in the dieting industry, how come so many Americans are still struggling?


3. Obesity Rates from 1960-2010

Think you know what this shows.


4. Obesity Costs & Chronic Conditions

Man, this one’s really bleak. The cost and complications of the obesity epidemic.


5. Omega-3s

In this one, they scare you into eating more Omega-3 by reminding you of all the horrible things that could befall you if you don’t.


6. Real Food: It’s Harder to Find than You Think



7. Sugar vs. Cocaine

Whoo! Goin’ for the big guns. (But seriously, this one’s terrifying.)


8. The United States of Obesity

Think we get it, guys.


See what we mean? It’s a real Debbie Downer out there.

What if, instead of scaring people into eating better, we were NICE to them?

What if we ate because we loved our food, and our food loved us back?

Why does everything have to be so dour?

Check it — if you want to skip all the fear-mongering and just eat good food, hook yourself up with some of our fresh, delivered meals.

And go watch a real scary movie this October.

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