These Natural Drugs Will Make You Smarter [Nootropics Infographic]

What are nootropics? And why the heck won’t Joe Rogan stop talking about them?

Also known as “nutraceuticals” or “smart drugs,” these supplements are marketed as all-natural mental enhancers – improving everything from memory and motivation to attention span and focus.

Pronounced “no”+”troh”+”pic” and derived from the Greek root words for “mind” and “bend,” are nootropics as mindbending as they sound?

Click Here to download a copy of this “Intro to Nootropics” infographic.


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2 responses to “These Natural Drugs Will Make You Smarter [Nootropics Infographic]”

  1. Oli says:

    Wow! That was an awesome infographic, thank you!

    I personally love the effects of nootropics. I just wondered what your favourite nootropic is?

    Mine right now is lions mane, l-theanine and a morning fresh ground light roast coffee.

  2. Clint Hanks says:

    Excellent Infographic! You have shared very necessary points through this infograph. Keep sharing.

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