12 Everyday Habits That Will Make Your Life Awesome

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You don’t need to make massive changes to be a healthier, happier person

(The Internet can be kind of misleading that way.) And anyway, those kinds of changes never stick. They’re too hard. Instead, try working some or all of these teeny little tweaks into your every day (Seriously, if all you do is add lemon water every morning, you’re good.)

1. Hot lemon water every morning

Alkalizing. Hydrating. Beaucoup Vitamin C. It also aids in liver cleansing, contributes to clearer skin, and helps you poop. Best. Habit. Ever.

2. No more electronics in bed

The bed is for one — okay, two — things only. Stop doing anything else in there.

3. Take more baths

The warm water helps relax your muscles and signals your nervous system to chill the eff out. But just taking 30 minutes to yourself to wind down at the end of the day is huge. Bonus points for adding Epsom salts.

4. Drink water before every meal or snack

Hydration ain’t easy. To help provide some structure, drink a pint glass before you eat anything. This also helps curb cravings.

5. Walk on your lunch break

If this is at all possible for you, DO IT. Even if it’s just for ten minutes. Changes the whole afternoon.

6. Get yourself a pair of balls

Not those balls. These balls! (I just wanted to say ‘balls’ a lot. Mission accomplished.) Take five minutes in the morning to knead out your trigger points, especially if you have a jacked-up neck like me.

7. Pre-package smoothie ingredients the night before

Nothing kills a morning smoothie plan like the snooze button. Gather all your ingredients before bed and store them in a big Ziploc. In the morning, you’ve got a two-step smoothie.

8. Work in a 5-minute meditation

I mean, even two minutes is good. You don’t need to download an app or contort yourself into a yoga pretzel. Just sit there and breathe.

9. Say thank you

Try this: every time you’re about to utter any version of “I’m sorry,” replace it with “Thank you.” Even if you don’t have someone you can thank in the flesh, you can still take a moment to feel/show some gratitude.

10. Make your bed

You are a badass, hardworking, intelligent man or woman. You deserve a nicely made bed every day. Leaving your covers in a tousle sends your brain a subliminal message that you’re not worth the effort. (Same goes for tossing your clothes all over the floor. One step at a time, though.)

For maximum healthy-happy benefits, add in these every-once-in-awhile habits too.

11. Next time you buy yourself a coffee, buy one for the person behind you

It’s not even about the karma, although you can’t ever have enough good karma. It’s about how good you feel doing something good for a random stranger.

12. If you can afford it, give your waitress a ridiculously large tip with no explanation

As a former server, I’m telling you — nothing makes someone’s day like a $20 tip on a $12 meal. It has nothing to do with the money, either. It’s about feeling appreciated.

See? It doesn’t have to be so hard. Sometimes the little things make the biggest difference. Want even more ways to make healthy living easy? Check out this week’s menu at Factor.

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