15 Things You Should Expect from Your Prepared Meal Delivery Service

girl with prepared meal delivery service

Selecting a prepared meal delivery service can be a time-consuming process.

And there is no shortage of new companies to choose from every day. Below are 15 things that you should demand of your prepared meal delivery service to ensure that you are getting the healthiest options available and the most bang for your buck.

Fresh, Not Frozen Prepared Meals

Frozen meals may last longer. But they certainly do not taste, look or feel better for you. In fact, you can expect lots of chemicals and preservatives in each item to keep it “fresh” in the freezer. These are not the foods that will keep you healthy and help you accomplish your diet goals.

Healthy and Sustainable Ingredients

Look for companies that offer grass-fed and pasture-raised meats without antibiotics or hormones. Meals packed with GMO-free, organic, vegetables and without processed sugars or artificial sweeteners are the bare minimum that you should demand of your prepared meal delivery service. Look for companies that are forward with their nutritional goals.

ketone diet from Factor75 with healthy ingredients

Easy-to-Read Ingredient and Nutrition Labels

Your prepared meal delivery service should provide ingredient lists and for absolutely everything. You should be able to pronounce every item on the label and figure out your macros with ease. This is especially important if you are working with a strict eating regimen.

Demand a Variety of Options for Your Dietary Needs

The picture above is Grilled Chicken Apple Bowl from Factor75. It is Paleo diet friendly, Ketogenic diet friendly, and dairy free. If you are working on a strict eating regimen, you should not have to feel like you can only eat one thing throughout the week. Demand a service that offers several options within your dietary restrictions to keep you inspired and healthy.

Demand Every Meal from Breakfast to Dinner and All Snacks In Between

Some prepared meal delivery services only offer dinner meal delivery. If you work many hours and do not have time to cook, that kind of service is only going to help you 25% of the time. Find a delivery service that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options in addition to snacks to keep you fueled throughout the day.

Quick and Easy Re-Heat

Making dinner should not feel like rocket surgery. Look for meals that you can just pop into the microwave or oven. Making dinner should not take more than 10 minutes of each night. You are incredibly busy. Let someone make it easy for you.

Factor75 Ratatouille with Quinoa

Instagram-Worthy Presentation

Your prepared meal service should be delivering good-looking food. No one wants to eat the sad slab of meat next to the limp-looking vegetables. Your dinner should look as good as it makes you feel. Demand that you are delivered food that you would post about.

Demand the Control

Some prepared meal delivery services make their menu choices ahead of time and just send you what they decided on. I am sure that is easier for them. But how does that work for you? Demand the option to choose your menu for the week. This will keep you engaged in your eating habits and excited about the meals to come.

Plan Flexibility

Demand flexibility from your prepared delivery service. You should be able to pause service when you are out of town or available to you if you travel frequently. The most common complaint that I hear is that keeping on a diet while traveling is too hard. Find the service that can be flexible with you.

Multiple Delivery Day Options

This is especially important when you are working with a fresh prepared meal delivery service. Nothing can keep for five to seven days. The best way to get fresh, healthy, prepared meals is to work with a service that offers more than one delivery day per week.

Demand Nationwide Service

You should be able to get prepared meal delivery service regardless of where you are. Look for the services that have the capability to deliver to you nationwide.

Demand Secure Packaging and Recyclable Containers

Having a prepared meal delivery service does not have to be a killer for the environment. It should also not mean that your meal arrives in a squashed state. Demand that your prepared meal delivery service provide you with food, securely packaged, in recyclable containers.

User-Friendly Website

I hear this one a lot. You should be able to peruse the menu, manage your plan, and review meal nutrition with the click of a button. Choose a prepared meal service that offers you the most ease of use.

New and Exciting Options

Demand that your prepared meal delivery service update its menu options regularly. Check out services that offer items you have never had before. This way you can stay on your eating regimen and still feel like you are getting out of the box.

mindful eating for prepared meal delivery service

Demand a Prepared Meal Delivery Service that Supports You in Mindful Eating

Choose a service that shares your values in locally sourced, organic, healthy, whole food eating. Having a partner in your journey of mindful eating will make all of the difference in the end.

Want a prepared meal delivery service that meets all of your high demands? Get started with Factor, you won’t be disappointed.

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