5 Exercises for Better Sex

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You’ve heard that you can eat cleaner to help you perform better in the sack.

But if you really want to take it to the next level, you’ve got to break a sweat.

Here are 5 awesome fitness moves to make you feel effing hot!

1. Row Machine

house of cards
Row, row, row your way to a sexy bod.
Do the Move:
  • Place feet on pads with straps around your feet to hold them down
  • Exhale as you bring your knees to your chest while grabbing the handle with an overhand grip
  • Pull the handle as your move your body to the back of the machine
  • Boosts cardiovascular health
  • Tones back, shoulders, arms, and core
  • Low-impact in nature

2. Planks

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Get down on your hands (and maybe knees) to work your full body and get stronger for your partner.
Do the Move:
  • Place forearms on the floor and lift body to a parallel position to the ground
  • Keep shoulders stacked over elbows, and keep a straight line between heels and head
  • Pull belly button to spine to fully activate the core and maintain a flat back
  • Strengthens full body
  • Enhances muscle definition in core muscles
  • Reduces stress

Amp It Up: For killer core performance, add in a rocking motion like John Romaniello from Roman Fitness Systems suggests to reach a deeper layer of abdominal muscles.


3. Romanian Deadlifts

This exercise will strengthen your biggest (ass)ets.
Do the Move:
  • Roll shoulders back and place feet shoulder width apart
  • Hinge hips down, keeping barbell close to body, and reach towards the ground
  • Exhale as you bring hips forward to standing position
  • Strengthens hips
  • Engages all major muscle groups: Back, core, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps
  • Boosts muscular endurance
  • Promotes fat burning

Extra Challenge: Take this exercise to the next level by trying Single Leg Deadlifts.

Single-Leg Bend and Reach

4. Push-Ups

Work your full body in this move to give you the stamina you need.

Do the Move:
  • Begin in plank position with straight line between heels and head
  • Bend elbows to a 45 degree bend towards the ground
  • Exhale to lift back to plank position


  • Tones shoulders, chest, and arms
  • Increases metobolic rate
  • Increases whole body definition


5. Plie Squat

Squat your way to the sheets.
Do the Move:
  • Spread feet further than shoulder width apart with knees and toes pointed at an angle
  • Lower hips down while keeping knees behind toes
  • Exhale to lift to standing position without locking knees
  • Targets inner and outer thighs
  • Opens flexibility in hips
  • Strengthens glutes


Get down with these (sex)ercises to give you the confidence you need in the bedroom. What are your favorite exercises for better sex??

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