5 Reads to Start Your Week (January 4)


It’s the first week of 2016, and also of a new series on the blog: 5 Reads to Start Your Week.

To expand on the title, the purpose of these posts will be to highlight articles we’ve seen from our peers and across the web each week that provide new, thought-provoking info on all things nutrition/fitness/wellness. These will range from scientific breakdowns to articles that break through to the mainstream culture.

Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below! So without further ado…

1. Inside Chipotle’s Contamination Crisis

The cover story of the new Bloomberg is a deep dive into the E. coli outbreak Chipotle has had since Halloween. It captures where exactly the outbreak came from (likely one of Chipotle’s big suppliers) and also the natural decrease in customer loyalty since. What do you think will be Chipotle’s future? 

[Tweet “Was Chipotle’s smugness in response to the E. coli crisis even worse than the crisis itself?”]

2. Kobe Bryant’s all-day process

ESPN’s Los Angeles Lakers beat reporter Baxter Holmes‘ latest longform piece walks us through the 24 hour day of retiring superstar Kobe Bryant. This includes the countless preparatory and recovery techniques Bryant does on game days and off days with a large staff of people. We may not have the team (or athletic prowess) of one of the game’s best players, but there are certainly some inspiring and perhaps concrete takeaways we can apply to our own daily routine.

BONUS: A week earlier, Baxter Holmes also wrote about Kobe and the Lakers’ recovery drink after every game: chocolate milk.

3. Want to up your athletic endurance? Have a cup of coffee.

Emi Boscamp of mindbodygreen reported on a review of over 600 studies that concluded that coffee can help your athletic endurance. I can back this up myself, having run my own quantified self study of this exact test. For me, coffee 30 minutes before a workout helps!

BONUS: Have you tried adding grass-fed butter to your coffee yet? Deeeelicious.

4. Hershey refuses to use sugar beets due to GMOs

The Hershey Company has decided not to use the sugar produced from sugar beets in their chocolate as a result of the growing concern about genetically modified foods. This is a great example of a big company taking a stand as we start 2016. If a snowball effect ensues, that’s great news for a positive change in agriculture that will affect our gut bacteria for the better!

5. The Earth has Less Nutrients due to a Shortage of Animal Poop

This article from VICE begins like this: “According to research published this October, the world’s suffering from an acute shortage of animal shit.” Seriously, are you not intrigued?


Let us know if any of the articles inspired a new change for you! – -> @Factor75

Until next time!

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