4 Real Life Stories from Factor Customers


At Factor, we love what we do for many reasons. From providing educational nutrition content to making healthy eating more convenient for our customers, we feel a great amount of pride in the service we provide. Each and every customer story and experience propels us to strive for only the highest quality service. So, rather than hogging the feel-good vibes, we decided it was time to share these inspirational stories with the Factor community!

If you need an extra dose of healthy living motivation, look no further! Here are four inspirational health and wellness stories from the Factor community:

Sheri F.

Why They Love Factor: Ease of preparation
Favorite Factor Meal: Pork Tenderloin with Cabbage Casserole
Customer Story:

“I own and manage an RV Park and Golf Course. My guests need my attention at a moment’s notice. I don’t have time to shop for food, so I decided to try the prepackaged meal programs. Disaster! I’d have to stop in the middle of preparation because duty called. I was exhausted by the time I got dinner on the table. My kitchen was a mess with splattered oil, and there were too many carbs for my low-carb diet.

“Then I saw Factor on Facebook and thought I might as well give it a try since nothing else had worked. After trying my first order, I canceled all the others I was experimenting with and have never turned back. I order four meals (x2) each week. It’s within my food budget (half the price of eating out).”

Factor’s Pork Tenderloin with Cabbage Casserole (Sheri’s Favorite Meal)

Christina B.

Why They Love Factor: Losing weight, and it doesn’t feel like a diet!
Favorite Factor Meal: Chicken Marsala
Customer Story:

“Being a single mother who works full-time and attends college full-time has been a real challenge when it comes to saving time and eating healthy. I sit in front of a computer all day, then go home and [do the same] for school at night. Finding time to exercise is difficult at best.

“I am so glad I found Factor! I don’t spend time making grocery lists [or] cooking [there is] no clean-up — it’s heaven! I have lost about 23 pounds over the last month, and I never feel deprived. I have tried other meal plans but found the menu to be limiting or the taste average. What I love about Factor is that I can eat healthy, organic, pasture raised, real food that tastes good, and I still lose weight! Losing weight has been a real battle for me, but the best part of Factor is that it’s not a diet. I love [their] food, and it’s so easy! Knowing that I can throw something in the microwave and two minutes later feel really good about what I am eating is what Factor is all about for me!”

Laurie M.

Why They Love Factor: Frees up precious time
Favorite Factor Meal: Paleo Teriyaki Salmon
Customer Story:

“My son has very specific nutritional needs, so I have to spend a crazy amount of time each week researching, menu planning, shopping for fresh quality ingredients, and preparing meals. And did I mention he has a sophisticated palate? The responsibility and stress that went into each week’s menu plan were overwhelming, not to mention the amount of time it consumed each week.

“Well, Factor has changed my life! Not only are their meals delicious, but the website is chock-full of information on each meal’s ingredients and nutritional content, so I get complete control over what I select. I’m still responsible for serving delicious and nutritious meals, but now it takes less than 10 minutes each week! The meal options are always changing, so there’s lots of variety. The ordering process, including changing an order, is painless. And the one time FedEx delayed a delivery, Factor didn’t question a thing and refunded the entire order.

“The company cares about their product, the website is super simple to use, and the process has given back time to my life. For me, Factor is a godsend.”

Christine V.

Why They Love Factor: Easy & convenient nutrient-dense meals
Favorite Factor Meal: Ricotta Meatballs
Customer Story:

“It’s been a positive experience subscribing to Factor. The meals are made with quality ingredients, healthy and tasteful. By having my meals delivered to me, I have reduced the amount of money I spend on weekly groceries and have minimized the amount of food/produce wasted in my household.

“More so, it helps me maintain my fit lifestyle because a good physique is not just made in the gym, but more so in the kitchen and in what you consume. I highly recommend Factor for your meal prep services!”

Factor’s Ricotta Meatballs (Christine’s Favorite Meal)

Want to simplify healthy eating? Factor delivers dietitian-approved gourmet meals directly to your home or office! Click the link for details.

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