Achour Esho is #FueledByFactor
An inside look at the training and nutrition of the undefeated boxer and Factor Athlete.

“Portion control is key for weight loss. I always say, “Eat small, be small.” An inside look at the training and nutrition of the undefeated boxer and Factor Athlete.


Longtime blog readers may remember our spotlight on Achour Esho, an undefeated professional boxer, who has been one of our longtime athlete endorsers. At the time in late 2016, Esho was set to retire on top at 14-0 but even with the victory, “Osh” didn’t hang up the gloves.

This culminated in one more bout to make it an even 15-0 and truly retire on top. Last month, that’s just what Esho did at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, IL. He became the ABO Junior Middleweight Champion in KO fashion too, as you can see above.

We figured that one more fight deserves one more interview and in this quick, follow-up Q&A below, we get some more inspiring quotes from Osh on his training, Keto/Paleo/or neither?, and even what are his favorite Factor meals.

FACTOR: You said last time that our meals helped you drop weight before the fight, even too much weight, which resulted in adding more meals to help compensate. What did your body say before this fight?
ACHOUR: So I did 18 meals a week and it fueled me perfectly. I lost the perfect amount of weight and felt strong during training. It was important to eat a complete breakfast and protein shakes everyday too.

Can you describe a turning point in your career when you realized you had to make a change towards eating more proper nutrition?
I’m 36 now and had a 5 year layoff so I knew it would be much harder. I was still in my late 20’s before I retired. My diet was obviously not working well bc I was 184 lbs. before I started training for my fight (the Junior Middleweight class is between 154-160 lbs.)

Do you follow an all-Paleo diet? All-Keto? Anything especially strict?

Neither. Small meals like the ones from Factor and small shakes, etc.

Portion control is key for weight loss. I always say, ‘Eat small, be small.’

What specific Factor meals are your favorites? And are there any of our new meals that you enjoyed before this fight?
The Taco Bowl has always been my absolute favorite. As far as the new 2017 meals go, I’ve really grown to like the Paleo BBQ Salmon the most.

How about outside of Factor? What are some go-to meals you cook or buy to supplement your 18 meals/week? (Ex: for breakfast, out at a restaurant, or on the go)
Don’t ask. I didn’t eat much more than 2 sausage links and a cucumber for breakfast, 2 protein shakes 20 grams of whey protein, and 2 Factor meals almost everyday. Oh and a banana. My one downfall: chocolate. (Ed. Note: Mine too. The same downfall for all of us really, amirite. See? Even the best athletes can cheat a little.)


Achour Esho is the owner, founder, and head instructor at FLO Fitness & Martial Arts in Palatine, Illinois. He’ll hang up the gloves, but continue to stay active as “Coach Osh” at FLO. That is, unless, Conor McGregor responds to his challenge.

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