How Tamiko Beat the Backslide with Optimal Nutrition

Tamiko1In our Rethink Your Food series, we spotlight Factor members who have significantly improved their lives with optimal nutrition. This month we talked to the perseveringly positive Tamiko Acevedo.

A few years ago, Tamiko lost over 40 pounds and four dress sizes through dedicated training and balanced diet. But once she reached her target weight, she worried about backsliding.

“I was so afraid to gain the weight back, I was stuck in the house cooking and preparing health conscious meals every day,” she says.“Between the grocery store and the kitchen, I had no time for an actual life.”

Since joining Factor, Tamiko has maintained both her weight and her commitment to health. Plus, she’s uncovered passions and interests she never imagined.

Tamiko Acevedo, Business Consultant
Favorite fitness activity: Zumba
Factor member since: March 2013
Fav Factor meal: Butternut Squash Lasagna
Proudest health moment: When I was in the fitting room at the mall trying to figure out my size. I realized that I had slimmed down from a size 12 to a size 4.

Did you have any skepticism about Factor at first? What changed your mind?
I was skeptical yet hopeful about Factor. My background is in science. I’ve spent years working in diagnostic research, so the scientific aspect of “75 percent of your health comes from what you eat” caught my attention. But I questioned how the food would taste. It couldn’t be healthy and taste good, right? I was so happy to be proven wrong – the food tastes great!

How has Factor changed your routine?
I use Factor primarily for my lunches. Instead of gaining excess weight back, I gained Tamiko2time. I spend half the time in the grocery store and more time living and enjoying time with my family and friends. I have been able to exercise three times a week, pursue hobbies in dancing, photography, and writing. I also love to explore music – lyric opera, Joffrey Ballet, Chicago Symphony, Lollapalooza… it’s been a blast. Now I plan to start traveling.

Do you feel different physically or mentally now that you eat Factor meals regularly?
My energy level is through the roof. I eat cleaner, am satiated after every meal, and I am completely satisfied.

In what ways has Factor nutrition improved your everyday life?
I am constantly inspired by the Factor Team. When I see the positive impact this business makes in my life, it inspires me to pursue my own goals to make a positive impact in healthcare. The growth Factor has achieved inspires me to break through my obstacles and reach for the stars. No more excuses. I love these guys and the lessons they continue to teach me.

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