Best Superfoods for Getting Lucky

best superfoods for sex factor 75

Fueling your body with these sexfoods…ahem, superfoods, is the key to unlocking your inner Don Juan.

Eating these nutrient-packed plants will give you more energyfocus, and stamina.

Today’s lesson isn’t about the birds and the bees (we’re hoping you got that covered), it’s about the nuts and the stalks. Here are the best superfoods for sex:

Flex your Folate

Essential for reproductive health, folate not only increases sperm count, it improves blood flow. Healthy circulation is critical for sexual performance.

Better blood flow means better hydraulics. In men, it helps achieve and maintain an erection.

In women, blood helps to flush and swell, increasing sensitivity and sensation.

Source: leafy greens

Folate helps lower homocysteine, an abrasive amino acid that encourages plaque build up, leading to squeezed arteries and less efficient blood flow. Load up on folate with a spinach or kale.


(Don’t) Pour some sugar on me


Yes, chocolate is a well-known aphrodisiac. Just don’t overdo it, son.

Sugars, especially those high-GI pastas, soft drinks, and desserts, cause insulin and cortisol to spike. Not only will that sap energy reserves in the bedroom, both these hormones lower testosterone and endorphin production.

Skip the dinner rolls and chocolate fountain, focus on slow-burning protein and whole grains. That fire will burn all night.

Get oiled up

Want to amp up your libido? Trade massage oil for fish oil.

Diets that are very low in fat will deplete testosterone levels, leading to decreased sex drive. Boost libido with lean meats rich in zinc, and healthy oils found in seafood.

Ladies, that goes for you too. Testosterone stokes libido and strengthens orgasm in both men and women.

Source: ohhhhmega-3s

The omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon promote testosterone production, as well as raise dopamine levels in the brain that trigger arousal, according to sexologist Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright.

She wrote The Better Sex Guide to Extraordinary Lovemaking, so she’s kind of an authority.

NO means “Yes!”


Nitric oxide (chemical symbol = NO) was proclaimed the “Molecule of the Year” when studies found it “unites neuroscience, physiology, and immunology.”

By widening blood vessels and relaxing artery walls, NO acts like a natural Viagra, allowing blood to flow freely – to the areas you need it most.

Source: walnuts

An archetypal symbol for fertility, walnuts are super rich in nitric oxide and heart-healthy fats. They’re the perfect sexy snack.

Also, have you ever seen a walnut? Easy to derive the origin of the slang term “nuts.”

And the inside? Georgia O’Keeffe couldn’t have painted it better.

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