Guest Post: How to get your ass out of bed for early morning workouts

Betina Gozo, Crosstown FitnessWant to start working out in the mornings? Of course you don’t.

But as Betina Gozo of Crosstown Fitness explains, early morning workouts will make your day better. Maybe even your life.

So, where do you start? Betina says: the night before is key.

There are so many benefits to working out early. It will help you eat healthy, get enough sleep, and wake up on time. In the beginning it feels impossible, but your body’s endocrine system and circadian rhythms will eventually adjust and you’ll wake up more naturally each morning.

When you work out in the morning, not only will you have more energy to conquer the rest of the day, but it jump starts your metabolism. Exercise also regulates blood pressure, and increases mental acuity, which will help you through your stressful workday. On top of it all, you won’t have to worry about being too tired to exercise after work. It’ll already be done!


The key is preparation.

You’ll save both your time and your sanity. You’ll even sleep sounder by going to bed with a clear mind. Here are my tips for prepping for an early morning workout:

1. Lay out your workout clothes. Everything! Your shoes, socks, top, sports bra, bottoms, and yes, even underwear.

2. Have breakfast easily accessible. I always leave out my mug, tea bag, oatmeal packet, and bowl with the spoon. I even have my vitamins out!

3. Set your alarm 10-15 min before you want to wake up…(come on, you know you’re going to snooze it)

4. Prep a post-workout snack. Make it easily accessible in your fridge! (Protein shake, Greek yogurt, fruit, etc.)

5. Work clothes, too. Streamline your post workout wardrobe change. Put that power suit on a hanger ready to go.

6. Text your workout friend. It’s great to hold each other accountable for showing up – and you’re less likely to bail.

Betina Gozo is Director of Fitness at Crosstown Fitness. Visit their Facebook page for more info about their awesome classes and programs. Follow Betina on Twitter here.

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