Why the Biohacking Conference Is the Most Badass Event of the Year


So, you’ve been hearing a lot about biohackers? They’re half crazy, half genius. And they’re all getting together for the Biohacking Conference 2014. 

Biohackers do things like attach electrodes to their temples, provoke states of ketosis, and undergo self-hypnosis. It’s a growing community of science-loving wellness-nerds who are unlocking the biomechanics of everything from the most effective workouts, to the secret of happiness. 

Later this week, the biohackers of the world converge on Pasadena, California for the second annual Biohacking Conference. And we are so pumped. Speakers include Joe De Sena, founder of the Spartan Race, Mattias Ribbing, International Grand Master of Memory, and celebrity nutritionist JJ Virgin. Organized by our man Dave Asprey of The Bulletproof Executive, and emceed by Factor’s own CTO, Mark Moschel, this conference is literally going to kick your ass. (Visit the adaptive resistance demo, or the altitude simulator for instance)

One of this year’s keynote speakers, Steven Kotler, co-founder of the Flow State Genome Project, will demonstrate how to hack into flow [What the heck is “flow”? Read up here: Fascinating Psychology of  Being “In the Zone”]. He uses a 20-foot tall biohacking system to stimulate your body’s natural risk response, so you can quickly enter the flow state. Holy shit.

Asprey promises a program full of the latest heart rate variability, electrical stimulation, biofeedback devices, nootropics, lasers, “and more biohacking technologies than you’ve ever dreamed of.”

We’ll be following the conference closely with exclusive clips and speaker interviews. Stay tuned!

Are you in the Pasadena area? You gotta check this out! Registration info is here.

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