Breaking Unhealthy Habits without Fear of Failure

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Each day, people make new resolutions.

THIS is the day they will get to the gym, cook better meals, rethink your food and eat cleaner. Then reality sets in and life gets in the way.

The resolutions do not happen, and worse, the individual fears that yet again they will fail in their pursuit to be a fit and healthy person.

So how do people change their health, body composition and fitness? Here are six secrets to breaking unhealthy habits:

1. Avoid chemical food additives, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

This will help cut down the quick candy grab in the grocery checkout line and indulgence in other overly-convenient, high-calorie, no-nutrient foods. Read our post on the sugar health risks.

2. Choose to move.

Try to get in at least thirty minutes of brisk walking, jogging, weight lifting or a group class. Even just walking to complete errands can make a big difference.

3. No weather excuses!

Today is going to be hot, rainy, snowing, freezing, windy, or humid. Chicago has sporadic weather and many stores that sell the appropriate gear. As the saying goes, “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.”

4. Stay positive.

Some days are crazy and involve many distractions that get in the way of a good workout. Everyone has these days. It is not the sole destructor of a fitness plan or nutritional goals. Healthy people realize that some days it all hits the fan, but they get up the following day and get back out there. Need some extra motivation to go to gym? We got you covered.

5. Seek help when needed.

Never let pride stand in the way of your health. Perhaps a friend can help with a few simple recipes, perhaps another will join you for a walk or run. Seek a doctor’s advice if something seems truly “off,” and choose healthy pre-prepared meals (NOT processed, just pre-assembled) to save time and improve meal quality.

6. When in doubt, read # 4!


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