Don’t Miss Events at the Chicago Health Expo


Halfstack Magazine and Crossfit 630 have teamed up to organize the badass Chicago Health Expo this weekend. Still on track with your spring cleaning? Get even more ideas for shaping up and buckling down at these events and vendors:

Go barefoot.

Toe shoes, what’s with those? Current head coach of the Aurora University Lacrosse Team, Lauren Rippy, a seasoned triathlon and time trail runner, will hold a barefoot running clinic to teach the benefits of shoelessness.

Get sweaty.

The expo is holding a Crossfit WOD demonstration. Don’t know what a WOD is? Good. It’s time to learn.

Learn frisky recipes.


Meet Marla Sarris, a high school algebra teacher turned (paleo) porn writer. She’ll share recipes and tips from her new book and blog

Eat a delicious Jimmy Bar.

What’s that? Free samples? Time to fill up that tote bag.

Get whey stronger.

Drop by the Stronger Faster Healthier table. They have awesome supplements and protein powders, plus a great motto: “All science, no hype.” We approve.

Eat bacon.


Support community agriculture with an order of natural, nitrate-free bacon? That’s a movement we can get behind. Don’t miss the Nature’s Choice Farm booth.

Listen to Nick’s keynote!


That’s right. Factor founder Nick Wernimont will enthrall audiences once again with a keynote about cage fighting, performance nutrition, and grabbing life by the balls.

Will we see you at the expo? Come say hi!

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