Coffee Hacks: Make Better-Tasting, Harder-Hitting Coffee

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You, with the CoffeeMate. Just put it down. You’re doing it all wrong.

That breakroom brew not only tastes bad, it’s hurting your health and productivity. Turns out, you can drink better tasting joe with a longer buzz with a few easy coffee hacks.

Drink the right coffee, at the right time, and you’ll increase memory recall, burn more calories – and even boost life expectancy.

Here’s how:

First, learn what you like.

Think all coffee tastes like motor oil? Wrong. Become a coffee snob with this 3-minute experiment. Learn what “acidity” and “body” really mean. Then you’ll be able to identify which roast and aroma you like best:

Next, ditch your Mr. Coffee.


There are more efficient (better-tasting) alternatives that will blow your mind:

1. The Aeropress is bomb.

Lifehacker praises the Aeropress as inexpensive, nearly indestructible, fast, and easy to clean.

“A sort of a giant syringe with a simple filter attachment on one end producing a very quick and easy cup of coffee…this a no-brainer.”


2. The pour-over is lazy-man gourmet.

It’s like drip coffee, without all the machinery.

Faster, simpler, and better-tasting. Sounds like a triple win.

Pro tip: The secret is to let the coffee “bloom.” America’s Test Kitchen walks you through the steps in 60 seconds:

Rinse the filter, ‘cause that shit tastes nasty.

SeriousEats reports, “Paper filters introduce a papery, woody flavor to your coffee, and re-usable aluminum and plastic filters eventually accumulate a buildup of oils from coffees long gone if not regularly washed.”

Eww. A quick rinse is a 2-sec investment in better tasting, more potent coffee.

Stop using cream. Add butter.

Dave Asprey, of The Bulletproof Executive, is a bit of a coffee evangelist.

In addition to having his own brand of beans, Asprey encourages you to skip the latté foam and blend your coffee with grass-fed butter. It’s high in omega 3s, vitamins K12, D, and E, beta carotene, and natural anti-inflammatories.

Asprey writes, “you get all the benefits of healthy milk fat with none of the damaging denatured casein proteins found in cream. It makes for the creamiest, most satisfying cup of coffee you’ve ever had.”

Learn more about Dave Asprey and The Bulletproof Executive in this interview we did with the man himself.

Most importantly: time it right!

Get in touch with your “Cortisol Awakening Response”:

Did you know your body has a natural morning “buzz”? You probably don’t feel it because you’re effing it up with coffee.

Try this: time your coffee consumption with your body’s circadian rhythm.

cortisol-awakening-response-graph-factor-75Sounds too touchy feely? We’re not talking about moon phases or chakras; your circadian rhythm controls your body’s production of cortisol, the hormone that makes us feel alert and awake.

Your cortisol levels naturally peak around 8 to 9 am. This is called the “cortisol awakening response” (CAR).

Multiple studies have identified “cortisol secretion typically peaks between 30 and 45 minutes post awakening.”

Which leads us to…

Stop drinking coffee when you wake up:

Caffeine actually overrides and disrupts the “natural alertness” of your cortisol awakening response.

Ryoko Iwata of I Love Coffee writes, “By consuming caffeine when it is not needed, your body will build a faster tolerance to it, and the buzz you get from it will greatly diminish.”

Instead, get smart about coffee timing.

Drink coffee at strategic times:

Sharpen your mind and increase productivity with coffee strategy.

Forbes reports, “The times of peak cortisol levels in most people are between 8-9 am, 12-1 pm and 5:30-6:30 pm. Therefore, timing your ‘coffee breaks’ (an apt term) between 9:30-11:30 am and 1:30 and 5 pm takes advantage of the dips in your cortisol levels when you need a boost the most.”

Drink it before your workout:

The evidence is overwhelming. Drink a small cup of coffee about 30 minutes before hitting the gym and experience a better bench press, increased endurance and speed, even a higher pain threshold.

Is it magic, you ask? Quite possibly. This study admits they haven’t yet determined why caffeine is so effective.

“Caffeine may work, in part, by creating a more favorable intracellular ionic environment in active muscle.”

Meaning, coffee makes your muscles go ape shit. We don’t know why – but take advantage!

Arnold Factor

So there you have it!

Now you have all the tools for coffee that kicks ass and tastes great. May you never drink motor oil again.

Want more productivity hacks? We got you.

Check out our highly-popular article How Drinking Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Will Help You Kick the Day’s Ass.

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