How Dave Asprey Hacked His Way to Health & Happiness


Dave Asprey is awesome. He’s a clean-livin’, butter-coffee-drinkin’, bulletproof mothafuckah.

He’s basically written the book on biohacking (he’s written two, in fact). You know him as the Bulletproof Executive, MTC oil advocate, and champion of the quantified self.

We quote his advice a lot on our blog—everything from preventing hangovers to hacking sleep cycles.

So when we got to talk to him, we had lots of questions. Namely, what’s this about a Bulletproof coffee shop? Because that sounds amazing!

And, is there anything we can’t hack?

Is it true? You’re opening a Bulletproof coffee shop?

Yes! The flagship store has opened in California. We hacked the typical coffee shop, a place where so many stop in for a quick and dirty caffeine fix that can drop you as fast as it picked you up.

The Bulletproof coffee shop & cafe isn’t just about caffeine: anything that increases human performance is fair game.

We’ve got body friendly food options, technology that helps our customer hack their own biology, and a super green environment with custom-made grounding furniture.

bulletproof coffee shop factor_75

We’ve designed a next level coffee menu supporting memory, concentration, metabolism, antioxidants and stress reducers. We’ll use our precision made coffee recipe: Bulletproof low-toxin, no-mold coffee, two tablespoons of grass fed butter, and Brain Octane oil – which is an extract of coconut oil that improves brain function.

All the meals and snacks served in the store will crush your food cravings too. Food is prepared with low temps, slow cooked with the best oils and ingredients.

We’ll have homemade Bulletproof Bone Broth with Upgraded Collagen for gut and immunity support, beef and veggie bowls, and fresh salads. Needless to say, you won’t ever suffer food comas at this cafe.


What does a Bulletproof world look like?

The Bulletproof world is forward thinking and fun – and it’s impressively geeky and renegade in a good way.

I’m making some of the biohacking tools I used to hack my own health available to our customers. I hope one day all cafes will be outfitted with technology to boost human performance. We want to set a green standard for coffee shops with the goal to make this the norm.

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Did you have an “Aha!” moment that changed your approach to nutrition? What advice do you have for others to make the lifestyle change “stick”?

You can’t make a diet stick if you are depriving yourself. I was hangry a lot!

My biggest mistake when I started on my fitness journey was trying to lose weight by over-exercising combined with caloric restriction. I spent 20 hours per week working out and focusing on meals that deprived me rather than supported my system – it didn’t work.

The Bulletproof Diet book explains how willpower really works; it’s the biggest myth that if you’re not losing weight, you’re not trying hard enough.

False! It’s a harmful way of thinking that sets you up for failure.

Extensive research has shown willpower to be a limited resource, and at some point I depleted my reserve. It forced me to re-evaluate my thought process and skill set, so I decided to pull out the big guns and utilize my best superhero weapon – hacking – to tackle my mind/body programming problem.

It really wasn’t until I got into biohacking and self-experimentation that I realized that eating doesn’t make you fat.

It’s all about body and brain biology, chemistry and hormones. You can’t think when you are hungry. Your brain and body goes into survival mode and you just end up back where you started – sometimes worse.

With the Bulletproof Diet, it isn’t about eating less food or working out more; it’s about choosing the right foods for your body to perform at its best. It’s about controlling your own biology. Weight loss is just a byproduct of that, not a struggle or a battle of willpower.

Other than optimal nutrition, what advice would you offer people looking to maximize their productivity?

I biohack with apps almost every single day. It’s a convenient low-cost way to get valuable, actionable information. These are some of my favorites:

  1. One of my favorites is Quantified Mind, which lets you test brain performance and which smart drugs work best for you – and Bulletproof Coffee too, for that matter.
  2. I designed two apps specifically to help you measure, understand, and then improve your body’s response to what you do and eat: Stress Detective and Food Detective.
  3. Sleep quality is really important to me. I recommend trying one sleep hack at a time and comparing results. I use the Sleep Cycle app, where you set a 30-minute alarm window and the app monitors your movement to determine where you are in your sleep cycle to ensure that you wake up during the lightest part of your sleep so that you feel as rested as possible during your day.


What are the things in life that we can’t hack? Or is there a shortcut to everything?

Friendship and family – it’s always worth going the extra mile for someone you love.


If you’re in Santa Monica, drop into the flagship Bulletproof Coffee Shop (3110 Main St. #116) and tell them to open the next one in Chicago!

More on Dave Asprey, his books, podcast, and blog here.

Photos courtesy of Bulletproof Exec

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