Dr. Nick Amigoni Tips for Running a Marathon

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At age 50, Dr. Amigoni realized he was a runner.

But not just a runner, a freakin’ marathon superstar. What started as weight-loss jogging has become a total lifestyle transformation.

Seven years later, he’s completed over 41 marathons taking him from Chicago to Tokyo. He relies on Factor’s performance nutrition to keep his marathon times low, and his energy level high. Here are his tips for running a marathon and staying in tip-top shape.

Dr. Nicholas Amigoni, Periodontist


Favorite fitness activity: Running! I love it! I also enjoy weight training two times a week.

Proudest fitness moment: My favorite moment was my first Boston Marathon in 2009. I qualified for Boston at my first marathon at Disney in 2009 – I’m now a 6-star World Marathon Major Finisher: Chicago, Boston, NYC, Tokyo, Berlin and London.

Factor member since: the very beginning!

Your fav Factor meal: The Porto Pizza Tower (but I also really like the Squash Lasagna). They are all delicious!

Have you always been committed to health? When did it become important to you?

I was always into some sort of fitness, but realized when I turned 50 that I had put on about 40 lbs that I did not need. I started running and exercising more, watching what I was eating and lost 40 lbs. Through that journey I realized I was a good distance runner. Now at 57, I am in great shape, and have completed over 100 races.

How does Factor give you more time?

I do not have to eat out as much anymore, have tons of time to run and weight train, and can avoid eating fast food as I used to. I have saved so much time and money not going to Whole Foods shopping anymore. The meals I get from Factor are well worth the money – they are so economical for me.

In what ways do you feel different physically / mentally?

I can really maintain my weight with the Factor meals. I feel like I am getting the calories I need, but with so much more substance. My staff loves them too! I order extra to share with them. The improvement in my diet and eating habits has been great. I am so glad to have these meals in my fridge!

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