How to Eat More And Still Lose Weight

Jonathan Bailor, author of The Calorie Myth, gives you the CliffsNotes on his theory of why Americans are sick and fat in this very insightful video.

Why are we dieting more than ever, but still gaining weight? The answer may surprise you.

Eat More Lose Weight

The problem, Bailor says, is bad science. The whole calories in calories out myth is bogus. “Biology doesn’t work like math, it works like biology,” he says. His method preaches “eating smarter, not less”—and even goes so far as to encourage you to double or triple your portion size. How, you ask? Check out the video below:

I want to give Jonathan Bailor a huge high five. I am so glad the “calorie is a calorie” theory is being exposed as quack.

In fact, I wrote a whole piece debunking the calorie myth. Dieting and calorie counting make us sick, crazy, and mentally exhausted. Here are my takeaways and reservations from Bailor’s talk.

My Takeaways:

  • Bailor’s discussion of clean vs. processed foods is the most critical to his argument. Calories are burned or stored in different ways depending on the type of food; 100 calories of processed food is more likely to be stored as fat, whereas 100 calories of clean food is more likely to be processed as energy. This drives home the “all calories are not equal” idea.


  • The analogy that your body is a sink is both gross and apt. I don’t want to think about my “drains” as “clogged”—but, granted, it grossed me out enough to turn down that donut this afternoon.
  • His explanation of the “SANE” eating is fascinating, but needs a little more explanation. SANE is defined by foods that have low satiety (not overly filling), less aggressive (slower at spiking insulin levels), have high nutrition, and low efficiency (as in, they take a long time to metabolize, and thus sustain energy for longer). The main qualities of these SANE foods are water, fiber, and protein. But he leaves one thing out…
  • He leaves out fat. While Bailor does cover the importance of fat calories in his book, it’s unfortunate he doesn’t mention it in the video. I would add that a major qualifier of whether a food is “sane” would be its saturated and unsaturated fat content. Fat and protein are the major satiating macronutrients. Fat is not only essential to feeling satisfied, but is needed to transmit and metabolize the vitamins and minerals in food. Read more about why you should eat more saturated fat here.
  • I think I’ll print this quote out and hang it on my fridge:
[Tweet “A little more time in the kitchen beats a lot more time in the gym.” #preach”]
  • My favorite line of the video, though, is around 09:13 when he says, “The secret is there is no secret.” Bailor explains that eating healthy is actually really simple. And that’s a huge relief, isn’t it?

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