Why Eating Seasonally is the Best (and What You Can Expect this Summer)

Blueberries | Factor 75 blog

With the weather warming up, there’s an abundance of new produce coming your way.

Eating local, seasonal produce has SO many benefits. For one thing, the TASTE.

Don’t believe us? Go grab some Trader Joe’s strawberries and compare them to what you find at your local farmers’ market. Or tomatoes! Nothing’s worse than a mealy, mild-tasting tomato. Yuck.

The nutritional power punch of seasonal produce is another reason to keep it local. Trucked-in produce has to be picked before it’s ripe, so it doesn’t show up at Whole Foods halfway rotted. This doesn’t give the full nutritional profile time to develop.

Local produce is picked at peak freshness. It’s not covered in food wax, and you can talk to the person who grew it to determine whether any chemical sprays were used on the farm.

Taste + nutrition. Win-win.

Here’s what can you expect to find at the farmer’s market in the next few months.

Seasonal Produce Infographic | Factor 75 Blog


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