7 Expert-Guided Nutrition Webinars


“Good nutrition” is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all proposition. It’s best to personalize your diet plan to meet your body’s individual needs. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the time to dive into the depths of nutrition research while also navigating around misinformation. To help solve this issue, Factor puts on monthly webinars to streamline nutrition education for the health and fitness community!

To help you learn more about health and nutrition, here are seven of our top expert-guided webinars covering a wide-array of wellness topics!

1. Nutrition Myth Busters: The Truth About Common Misinformation

These days, nutrition myths are scattered across the websites and blogs, leading to widespread misinformation. This webinar will help you understand fact from fiction when it comes to health and nutrition information. We even answered several commonly asked questions from live attendees!

2. The Complete Guide to the Gluten-Free Diet

From food packaging to casual conversation, the many supposed health benefits of gluten-free diets have been a hot topic lately. But will cutting gluten from your diet actually benefit you, or is it all hearsay? Tune in to this webinar for a thorough understanding of what it means to go gluten-free!

3. How to Eat to Optimize Your Athletic Performance

Whether you’re a world-class professional athlete or a workout warrior, what you eat can make or break your athletic performance. Watch this webinar to learn the best supplements and foods to optimize your performance on the field or in the gym, as well as the best times to eat them!

4. Paleo Diet 101: How to Successfully Follow the ‘Caveman Diet’

In a nutshell, the Paleo dieters follow one basic principle — if cavemen didn’t eat it, you shouldn’t either. But following this diet is a bit trickier than it may seem. Check out this webinar to learn more about the Paleo diet, and how to follow it successfully. We’ll even show you how to stock your kitchen!

5. Weight Loss 101

Whether you’re attempting to transform your body or simply drop a few pounds, losing weight is tough! What’s more, there is an abundance of fad diets promoting unhealthy, short-term weight loss tactics. Tune in to this webinar to learn the best ways to safely and successfully lose weight with the guidance of Factor’s expert dietitian team!

6. How to Maintain Motivation Through January, & Beyond!

The decision to set a health or fitness goal is a step in the right direction. But how can you ensure that you’ll stick to the plan? Motivation is a tough nut to crack, and many people fall off the wagon when they don’t have a plan in place to counter potential pitfalls. Don’t make that mistake! Check out this expert-guided webinar for advice that will help you hit your health and fitness benchmarks!

7. Intermittent Fasting 101: Is it Right for You? (Upcoming)

Intermittent fasting has become a popular buzzword in the health and fitness community. But taking longer-than-usual breaks between meals can sound like an intimidating proposition. If you’re wondering if intermittent fasting is right for you, watch this webinar for an expert-guided breakdown of this trending health topic!

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