Introducing Factor 75 Cold-Pressed Juices

Introducing Factor 75 Cold-Pressed Juices

Nourish Your Body & Mind with Factor 75 Cold-Pressed Juice

After years of providing customers with fresh, never frozen meals that arrive conveniently at their doorstep, Factor 75 is making one of our most exciting menu additions to date. Now, Factor 75 customers can order fresh, nutrient-rich cold-pressed juices with their weekly meals.

“Our customers want to be the best version of themselves. In order to do that they need nourishment between meals. Our new line of cold-pressed juices connects the dots in-between meals to provide you with vitality throughout every minute of the day,” said Factor 75 CEO, Mike Apostal.

About Factor 75 Cold-Pressed Juice

Factor 75 cold-pressed juices are a quick and convenient way to stay energized and hydrated. Whether you’re on the go or at home, nourishment in between meals (or with them) is now only a few sips away.

Each order of Factor 75 cold-pressed juice arrives at your doorstep tightly sealed, fresh and chilled. Each four-pack comes with a variety of refreshing 12 fl oz juices, including Apple Beet Ginger (purple), Apple Kale Wheatgrass (green), Pineapple Turmeric Basil (yellow) and Carrot Orange Ginger (orange).

Introducing Factor 75 Cold-Pressed Juices

A Full Rainbow of Nutrients

From bright-orange carrots to deep-green kale, the different colors found in various types of produce represent the specific nutrients each fruit or vegetable contains. So, to provide our customers with a healthy balance of nutrients, each four-pack of cold-pressed juice comes with a healthy balance of colors, all representing different nutrients.

“Phytonutrients occur naturally only in plants and are known to provide health benefits and lower disease risk beyond that of other nutrients. Eating a variety of produce with varying color helps ensure the intake of an assortment of nutrients and phytonutrients,” said Factor 75 Head Dietitian Christina Fitzgerald, RD, MS.

Grab-and-Go Nourishment

Our cold-pressed juices have the same easy, grab-and-go convenience Factor 75 customers get from our home-delivered meals. However, when eating an entire meal is too much, and all you need is a simple pick-me-up to power through the last half of the workday or an intense training session, cold-pressed juices offer a quick energy boost.

“I love that Factor 75 cold-pressed juices help supplement my daily intake! When I’m on the go and don’t have time to get my vegetables, I reach for a juice. I especially love juices with beets before a workout to get that natural boost of energy,” said Frankie O’Brien, MS, RD, LDN.

Introducing Factor 75 Cold-Pressed Juices

How to Order

Factor 75 cold-pressed juice is available to all current Factor 75 customers. To give them a try, log in to your account dashboard and add a four-pack of cold-pressed juices to your next weekly order. They’ll be shipped to your home with your meals and should arrive at the same time and day you typically receive your meals.

* Currently, cold-pressed juices are only available to current Factor 75 customers. However, if you’re not a customer but want to give our juices and meals a try, simply place your first order of meals here and you’ll have the option to order juices as an add-on the following week! For additional questions and inquiries, please contact our customer experience team at

Ready to try Factor 75 cold-pressed juice? Follow the link below to add a four-pack to your next order!

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