7 Hidden Benefits of Being a Factor Customer

7 Hidden Benefits of Being a Factor Customer

Factor makes healthy eating simple by delivering fresh, nutrient-rich meals directly to your doorstep. But nutritious meals aren’t all you need to hit your health and fitness goals. That’s why we go beyond the meals and offer our customers a series of healthy lifestyle resources that make it easier to stay active and healthy throughout the day-to-day grind!

From free expert nutrition advice to automated menu selections powered by artificial intelligence (AI), here are seven hidden benefits that are offered exclusively to customers of Factor:

1. Save Money with Wellness Packages

Exclusive Lifestyle Gear Included in Factor Wellness Packages

Healthy eating isn’t always easy or cheap. Our comprehensive wellness packages solve both of those common issues. Each package provides Factor customers with Factor Bucks (which can be used to purchase weekly meals) and nutrition coaching, all at a discounted rate. They also come in tiers, so if you’re not ready to invest that heavily in your health just yet, you can still take advantage of them in the short term.

Additionally, some of our more robust packages include exclusive Factor lifestyle gear you won’t find anywhere else! From tumblers to store your healthy beverages to gym towels for after an intense workout, each item makes healthy living just a little bit easier.

2. Book a Free Dietitian Consult

Young Woman on Phone Receiving Free Dietitian Consultation

Deciding to upgrade your health is easy. But navigating which nutrition strategies are best for your body and lifestyle can be a major undertaking. Luckily, our team of registered dietitians is always on-hand to guide you as you along your journey, free of charge! That’s right – your first 20-minute nutrition consult is on us!

So, what’s the benefit of a nutrition consult? Look, even if you know your way around a nutrition facts label, there are so many nuances that can impact your health when it comes to nutrition. So, why risk it? Rather than possibly overlooking a critical detail, set yourself up for success with the help of a licensed expert. They’ll help you set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) goals, personalize your weekly meal selections and answer any burning questions you may have.

3. Get Expert Nutrition Coaching

Woman On Laptop Eating Nutritious Meals

While our free nutrition consults are a great way to kick-start your healthy living journey, long-term success requires more than a launchpad. Our nutrition coaching packages provide you with the necessary long-term support to stay on track and evolve your approach to nutrition as your body changes.

Upon signing up, you’ll have an initial consultation to deep-dive into your goals, nutrition and health history. From there, you’ll have regular check-ins (weekly or biweekly, depending on the plan) to discuss your progress and update your approach accordingly. You’ll also get access to the Healthie app, which offers you the ability to communicate with your dietitian between scheduled meetings, digitally log your daily food intake and download free educational content.

4. Create a Custom Taste Profile

Factor Delicious Nutrient Rich Plated Meals

While each of our meals is carefully crafted using premium quality, fresh ingredients, we understand that some recipes aren’t for everybody.  As such, Factor customers can create a custom taste profile! Simply input your dietary preferences, and our AI-powered menu will update your weekly meal selections.

You can adjust your custom taste profile in a variety of ways. No matter how finite your food preferences, from food allergies to preferred proteins, we have you covered! For example, you can indicate whether you require dairy-free meals or prefer no pork in your meals. You can also note your level of interest in specific diets (e.g., keto or paleo) if you’re following a more defined plan. *

5. Fuel Up with Cold-Pressed Juice

Row of Factor Cold Pressed Juice Variety Pack

In addition to healthy, convenient meals, Factor customers can now add cold-pressed juices to their weekly meal subscription! Factor Cold-Pressed Juices contain essential vitamins and nutrients that help elevate your energy levels. Our delicious cold-pressed juices come in a four-pack with a variety of mouthwatering flavors. Pick from Apple Beet Ginger (purple), Apple Kale Wheatgrass (green), Pineapple Turmeric Basil (yellow) or Carrot Orange Ginger (orange).

Each bottle is loaded with essential nutrients to keep you energized and hydrated between meals. Whether you’re powering through workouts or pushing through workdays, our cold-pressed juices provide you with the energy needed to perform. *

6.  Join the #FueledbyFactor Community

Woman On Couch Joining Facebook Community Group

Let’s face it, focusing on your personal health can feel lonely, intimidating and at times embarrassing. Conquer your health goals with the support of your fellow Factor community by joining the #FueledbyFactor group. Our private, judgment-free Facebook group is a safe space for Factor customers. We encourage each of our community members to connect and share updates on their road to a cleaner, healthier life.

Members of the #FueledbyFactor community gain exclusive access to expert guidance to help you hit your goals. Additionally, #FueledbyFactor members receive exclusive deals and giveaways. Aside from the expert insights, it’s an excellent forum to chat with other members in the Factor community, share updates on your fitness progress and provide support to other members.

7. Get $20 Off When You a Refer a Friend

Man and Woman Working Out Together Running Up Stairs

One of the many unique features available exclusively to Factor customers is our referral program. As a token of appreciation for recommending us, both you and the person you refer will receive $20 in Factor Bucks! Factor Bucks can be applied directly to your order. What’s more, this isn’t just a one-time offer. For every additional friend you refer, we’ll throw $20 more in the (Factor) bank for you. Mo’ friends, mo’ credit!

To refer a friend or family member, log in to your account and click the “Get $20 Off” tab at the top of your Factor dashboard. From there, you can share your unique referral code, and anyone you refer will receive $20 off their first order. Then, once their initial order processes, $20 in Factor Bucks will automatically apply to your next order!

*Note: Factor Cold-Pressed Juices and Custom Taste Preferences are only available after you place your first order.

Not a Factor customer? Place your first order today to get $40 off over your first two weeks of orders!

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