Forbes Names Factor 75 a Top 6 Healthy Meal Delivery Service

“Get your paleo fill at Factor 75.” — Forbes, from their recent article “Six of the Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services”

Forbes Names Factor 75 a Top 6 Healthy Meal Delivery Service

Factor 75 is proud to be recognized by Forbes as one of the Six Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services in the country! Naturally, being named to such an elite list by a renowned publication like Forbes is a tremendous honor. But rather than brag about ourselves, we’ll let what the good folks at Forbes said about us do the talking. Here’s the scoop:

Based on the idea that 75% of how you look and feel is based on what you eat, Factor 75 seeks to boost mental and physical performance with a largely paleo menu. The meals are gluten-free, the veggies are organically grown, and the meat is grass-fed. A sample menu might include paleo teriyaki chicken with broccoli and spaghetti squash or lamb and bacon meatballs with cabbage slaw. An added bonus—every subscriber gets a nutrition consultation. (, available nationally).

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Do you want an easier way to eat healthy, without the hassle that comes with meal prep? Check out Factor 75’s full menu of dietitian-approved meals!

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