The search is ON! The Factor Golden Ticket contest

It’s our birthday! And we’re throwing *you* a party!

As a startup, the inaugural year is critical. It’s been 365 days of make-or-break work, and thanks to you – we made it! We’re so grateful to have such a motivated, supportive community.

Our meals fueled your marathons, your all-nighters, your 6 a.m. workouts, and your power lunches. You’ve saved time, increased energy, ran farther, and pushed harder – both mentally and physically. You believed in us from the start – and now it’s our turn to show our appreciation.

The Golden Ticket Contest

Thought Willy Wonka had nice digs? Wait to you see the Factor Factory!

For our first year anniversary we’re throwing a huge party at Factor headquarters – and you could win VIP tickets.

  • This month we’re hiding six Golden Tickets in Factor delivery bags.
  • Find a ticket, and you (and three guests!) will receive VIP invites to our Anniversary Bash on April 3rd.

What to do: if you find a Golden Ticket in your Factor delivery

  1. Freak out; shed tears of joy; chant Oompa Loompa song
  2. Post a photo of you, your ticket, and your smiling face on Facebook or Twitter (This is critical to claim your spot!) and tag with #FactorGoldenTicket
  3. Choose three people to accompany you to the Anniversary Bash (this may cause jealousy and competition inside your friend circles)
  4. Attend our Anniversary Bash, hobnob with Chicago fitness royalty, eat delicious food, and win awesome prizes


More prizes than Willy Wonka has gobstoppers!


What you could win at the party:

  • Tons of meal giveaways
  • Factor swag bags
  • Free training sessions from Factor partner trainers
  • A freakin’ skydiving trip with Nick and the Factor team!


The Golden ticket countdown: keep tabs on when & where the tickets show up on Facebook or Twitter.

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