5 Factor Reviews We Love!
Helpful Video Reviews from Factor Customers & Partners

5 Factor Reviews We Love!

When making a key purchase, few things are as helpful as a thorough online review. When it comes to picking a new meal delivery service that statement rings even truer. After all, from the quality of ingredients to the taste of the meals, there are several key factors that can make or break your experience.

At Factor we’re confident we offer the most complete package when it comes to healthy meal delivery services. But you knew we’d say that. So, don’t take it from us – check out these five well-articulated Factor reviews below for an outsider’s take on what you can expect as a customer!

1. BarBend

“I really like that they go for non-GMO, preservative-free and organic options. I think that’s pretty rare for meal delivery services.”

BarBend is a leading source for all things fitness and nutrition. As an official media partner of USA Weightlifting, they also produce a library of video tutorials and reviews featuring their team of fitness and nutrition experts.

This review was shot about a year after their first initial Factor review. As a result, Training Editor, Jake Boly, was able to highlight all the areas we’ve improved over that time – most notably with our packaging – in addition to the areas we continue to excel. They also rated us the top ketogenic meal delivery service in their categorical rankings!

2. Food Box HQ

“It’s a great option if you’re looking for a quick, healthy meal especially for people who are doing keto.”

Food Box HQ is a website dedicated to reviewing and rating every food box on the market to help people find the ideal fit for their price range, goals and lifestyle. They have reviewed over 100 subscription boxes and we were listed as #1 on their list of the 8 Best Prepared Meal Delivery Services in 2018.

In the video above, they showcase a live Factor unboxing and taste test. Then, in their corresponding blog post, they provide a comprehensive review of Factor based on categories like delivery, packaging, freshness and pricing.

3. Still Feel 21

“I’m not having to go to Whole Foods now to source individual items to cobble together for a meal. The taste is there, the nutritional value is there, the ease is there, catering to my ketogenic lifestyle is there.”

Still Feel 21 is a website featuring podcasts that review products and services in the health and wellness space. For Factor’s review, they took a unique angle and broke us down based on the five things the host loved about his experience, including:

  1. No cooking or cleaning (1:30)
  2. Variety of meals (2:58)
  3. Keto and paleo focused (4:39)
  4. Eating my veggies (7:50)
  5. The price (9:01)

Our favorite part of the video? The host’s ability to connect with the customer by touching on topics that truly matter. Also, the fact that he found out about Factor through his mom was another relatable little quirk.

4. MMANuts

“This has a special connection to MMA: Factor was founded by a former MMA fighter. He figured out a way to eat clean and healthy, then converted that into something everyone can do”

Ingo Weigold and Matt Griffith host a popular podcast in the MMA world called MMA Nuts. The duo previews and recaps mainstream MMA fights in an entertaining weekly podcast that walks the line between serious and ridiculous. They provide expansive coverage on every fight, from UFC to Bellator.

In the video above, Ingo and Matt highlight how Factor Founder and former MMA competitor, Nick Wernimont, discovered the power of performance nutrition through his passion for MMA. The story shows the clear-cut benefits Factor can offer MMA athletes looking for a competitive advantage.

5. Justin Baldoni (Men’s Health)

“The meals actually come ready-made, and that’s one of the things that’s been a huge help for me because I’m always on the go or I’m always running.”

Our fifth and final Factor video was featured in Men’s Health and hosted by actor Justin Baldoni. In the video, Justin highlights how he stays fit from the comfort of his own home. It includes a look inside his fridge, which is stocked with a variety of Factor’s Paleo meals.

Sure, this isn’t technically a review. But when Rafael from Jane the Virgin shows off a fridge jam-packed with Factor meals, we feel it’s worth mentioning. After all, if abs are made in the kitchen (as they so often say) then this video is proof that his world-famous six-pack was partially our doing – right?

Interested in trying Factor meals? Try our home-delivered, dietitian-approved meals today to get $40 off over your first two weeks!

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