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For those of you that don’t know, our Founder, Nick Wernimont used to be an MMA fighter.

First and foremost, that’s pretty awesome. Nick has competed at one of the most intense physical levels of any sport in the world.

His first career has affected us all. It was during his training that Nick discovered the value of healthy nutrition’s effect on his performance and ultimately his next passion. There would be no Factor without this personal journey and in one of the first times on record, Nick describes these inspirations and his own personal story below on the FitFluential Radio Podcast with co-host Kevin Cottrell.

Podcast Highlights

  • Nick talks a little bit about the science of your body when it receives not just the right kind of food but the correct form of nutrition.
  • How healthy eating isn’t limited to the super athlete or the ultra wealthy, and how it’s “doable” on a daily basis
  • How to give yourself the kind of mental clarity that gets you in the zone
  • Solving the challenge of executing; Nick’s tips for you and how he was able to overcome it himself
  • Why it was important to re-engineer common food to be healthier in his business

The Evolution of Healthy Meal Delivery

“I believe it’s the next evolution of how Americans eat. I say that in the context of coming out of the Industrial Revolution: fast food. Boomed on the market. Dozens of fast food companies. That was born out of the idea and necessity that people didn’t have as much time as you used to… Decades later now, we’re realizing the impact of that evolution and how Americans eat and are bankrupting our country with health care costs. They’re skyrocketing epidemic levels of CV disease, diabetes, ADD, you name it. Every major health issue that we’re seeing right now can directly be tied back to how we source our food.

So the future, in my opinion, is this idea where people don’t have time. It’s gotta be convenient. I don’t care how healthy it is, if the food doesn’t taste good, people aren’t going to eat it. And the third thing now is that people are starting to become aware of and understand is, it’s [food] really gotta be healthy and the impact that has on you is substantial. You can’t get away with going through the drive-thru anymore if you’re going to live a long, full, and enjoyable life.”

Nick goes on to further describe How Factor Works, which is best illustrated in this link.

And finally, Kevin asked Nick to give one go-to nutrition tip! Here’s one last transcription and be sure to listen to the full interview above for more tips like this:

I think the biggest thing is: look ahead. Understand when you’re most likely to make the bad decisions and plan ahead for those times. If you know you’re going to be working late and getting home you don’t want to cook something, identify those days, those times when you’re most often to go to the sub shop or wherever it may be, and plan ahead of those times whether it be cooking something or using a service like ours.”

Nick Wernimont, Fctor 75 Founder

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