Flexible Meal Delivery for Flexible Lives

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Customers have asked, “How should I use Factor?”

My response, “In what ever way best suits your lifestyle.”

We developed Factor so people would have a simple, affordable and great-tasting option for eating healthier and for achieving better fitness results. Flexible meal delivery and consumption and a customer-centric focus were my goals, not some directive telling you how, what and when to eat. Except for one: We are not a diet. Diets restrict; Factor celebrates. So stop dieting and eat cleaner.

Factor was born by solving a personal pain point of mine. I was too busy to work, workout and cook. So I hired a personal chef. But one pain point remained, I hated some of the meals she’d bring over… Nothing annoyed me more than getting the meals and not liking some of them.

I’d choke them down anyway. Begrudgingly, I’d chew, thinking, “I paid $18 for this and it still sucks? Why didn’t she just send me 4 of the chilis, 3 of the casseroles and a few of the meatballs? You know, the comfort food I love!”

Factor Healthy Meals Delivered

Whatever the reason you’ve embarked on the Factor way, you HAVE to enjoy the food or you won’t continue eating it. That’s why we created meals that can be eaten either for lunch or dinner. That’s why we let you choose what you want to eat instead of telling you what to eat. Because part of any good fitness program is flexibility.

So if you are a busy professional with business lunches and dinners scattered throughout your week, use us for those 4-6 meals that you get to enjoy in peace and quiet. No more decision fatigue! Just healthy food ready to go.

If you’re a busy mom, use us when you don’t want to think about, grocery shop or cook for you and your family; deciding instead to spend an extra hour with your kids and spouse.

For the fitness enthusiasts out there, we built this for you; the better you eat, the better your results. Use us when you don’t have the time, energy or skill to cook the way you know you should.

Thanks to all who have called. It gives Factor the opportunity to have a conversation with you and learn how we can further enhance our meals, service and communication.

Factor. Better Meals. Better You.

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