Take the Fruit and Veggie Pledge

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September is Fruit and Veggies month, and the theme is “More Matters.”

Before you dismiss it as an activity for 6th grade homeroom, take a second to reassess how many fruits and veggies you consume.

New guidelines recommend up to six and a half cups a day. Are you meeting the minimum? Exceeding it? Brush your shoulder off, Rabbit Food Ninja. As for the rest of us, time to get out your homeroom workbook and learn how to eat cleaner.

Say what you will about nation’s hit or miss obesity initiatives, More Matters seems solid. Online you’ll find this veggie tracker, a recipe-of-the-day sign up, and a farm-to-school initiative.

This campaign marks a philosophical change from the “5-A-Day” crusade of the 1990s. Guidelines introduced in 2007 boosted recommendations from five servings to six or more.

They also created this calculator for more personalized recommendations based on gender, age, and activity.

Take the Fruit and Veggie Pledge

Our favorite part is the Fruit and Veggie Pledge. Out of the three options (“One-more-a-day” ; “Half-my-plate” ; “My-school”) there is a way to boost your fruit and veggie intake, no matter your lifestyle.


Maybe you’re a loyal Factor subscriber, and your meals already adhere to the “half-my-plate” rule. But consider replacing your granola bar with a broccoli hummus upgrade and take the “one-more-a-day” challenge.

And obviously there are plenty of great juicing or blending options.

Do you have a child, sibling, or family member whose school lunches include reconstituted chicken patties or cheese whiz macaroni? Make it known you’d like to see more fresh fruits and vegetables on the cafeteria menu with the “my-school” pledge.

With research showing that more than 90 percent of Americans aren’t meeting fruit and vegetable requirements, the initiative seems like an uphill battle to say the least.

Will you consider taking the pledge this year? What other ways can we help the cause?

Need more homework, overachiever? Check out worksheets on “What Makes A Cup?” and “Phytochemicals of Color”

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