George Chmiel Runs 3,000 Miles to Support Our Vets

George Chmiel Runs 3,000 Miles to Support Our Vets

This morning — it’s 9/11, if you didn’t know — George Chmiel will leave San Diego on foot and run all the way to Manhattan.

Not in one day, of course. 50 miles a day, for 60 days. Piece of cake!

He’s running across America to draw attention to the needs of military veterans, and to raise funds for the Guardian For Heroes Foundation, which Chris Kyle, the late Navy SEAL of “American Sniper” fame, helped set up.

He’ll finish up at Ground Zero on November 11 — Veterans’ Day.

And he’ll be eating Factor the whole way. (So will his crew!)

Of course, he’ll also eat pizza, pasta, and whatever else he can get his hands on. He plans to consume 10,000 – 12,000 calories a day.

The most inspiring detail in all this is that George himself isn’t a veteran, nor has he lost a family member in Iraq or Afghanistan.

He just believes we need to do better for those who serve.

Because we can never match the heroism of our war veterans.

But sacrificing two months of your life for a cause you believe in?

That’s pretty heroic.

Go George go!

To see Chmiel’s route, schedule of events, concerts and how to donate, or to follow his progress, go to

UPDATE: George has our meals on ice in his team’s RV accompanying the run. #FueledByFactor 🙂



Source: Ultramarathon man: George Chmiel aims to run across U.S. in 60 days

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