How Factor Rocked the First Year


It’s Factor’s first year anniversary! We’re so thrilled to have delivered 365 days of powerhouse meals. To celebrate, we’re looking back on our first year as a startup: What we’ve learned, and how we’ve grown. And most of all, how we kicked ass.

Want to know what’s been going on behind the scenes ? Here are stories from the Factor floor, starting with our tireless Community Manager and endlessly innovative chef:.


Dorothy Ilison
Community Manager

What was your longest work day?
One Monday back in November: Monday’s are always crazy at the Factor office, because we have the largest number of deliveries on Tuesday. This particular week, we had a record breaking number of meals: 500 in a day (which we’ve well surpassed since!). I got into the office about 8:15 a.m., then helped in the kitchen until about 10:45 at night.

What do you love best about this job?
Hands down, hearing from our customers! Hearing how much they loved our food, or how much time they’ve saved makes my day. It’s easy to get caught up in putting out the little fires that come up every day, so hearing what a difference we’re making in our customers’ lives reminds me that we’re doing something truly awesome.

What makes working at a startup awesome?
The autonomy. All of my previous jobs throughout college were very micromanaged with predetermined tasks. Being able to take initiative and feel like you are doing something truly important makes coming to work every day exciting and fulfilling, as opposed to stressful and draining.

Most valuable advice you received this first year:
Treat the business as if it were your own and don’t be afraid to make decisions. Mistakes are learning tools. As we learn, we improve.

Memorable goof up?
I accidentally left a few order sheets at the office. The kitchen thought it was pretty strange that there were 25 leftover meals at the end of the night! When I realized it, I called the customers, owned up to my mistake, and delivered the missing meals that night myself. I learned to always triple-check!

Memorable moment when you said, “Oh yeah. Nailed it.”
When we beat our goal for number of orders in January by over 100! Amazing feeling.

How does Factor allow *you* to thrive?
I eat our meals almost every day. I love being able to eat something home-cooked that I didn’t spend hours preparing myself. Furthermore, I love that when I talk to our customers about the food, I’m speaking as a happy customer myself, not just as an employee.


Phil Cocco
Kitchen / Administration

What attracted you to working for Factor?
I was making similar meals for gyms and wanted to go to the next level. I believed in the concept and wanted to be part of a startup doing what I believed in.

What was your longest work day?
Up at 5 a.m. – home by midnight.

What makes working at a startup awesome?
The future and the possibilities.

Your favorite Factor recipe in the past year?
The new Mac & Cheese because it’s good and very easy.

Favorite recipe you introduced?
The new spaghetti squash bake (not yet in production – keep your eyes peeled).

Most memorable happy customer interaction?
Doing catering events and customers coming back from the office to tell you how much they liked their meal.

Memorable moment when you said, “Oh yeah. Nailed it.”
$1500 catering events going flawless.

How does Factor allow *you* to thrive?
For the potential of going national and killing it.


Stay tuned for more first-year stories from the newest Factor members, as well as our fearless leaders Nick & Ryan.

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