2 Simple Changes to Eat Cleaner Now

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If you’ve come here looking for the name of a new diet, you won’t find it.

We won’t be telling you what to do, and we certainly won’t pack you off with a strict shopping list with silly rules like, “no white food.” Why not? Because no single type of diet is the best for every human on Planet Earth. (Humans on other planets have different digestive needs, so they don’t apply.)

Everyone has a unique biological makeup and different physiology. What works for one person, or even a large group of people, may not work for you.

In fact, “diet” is bit of a misnomer. When we speak of diet here at Factor, we mean the food you eat; your diet, versus a diet. The food and beverages you consume on a regular basis constitute your diet.

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You’ve been the victim of ages-old accepted dogma. Your human weaknesses have been exploited and manipulated. And even when you’ve sought the truth, you’ve still been led to believe some things that aren’t necessarily all the truth (I’m looking at you “health food” cookies). Well, here’s the truth on how to eat cleaner spelled out for you.

Truth 1: Everyone failed with those old diets. It’s not just you.


The diets that have been around for 30-plus years were never healthy for you in any way. The severe calorie-restricted diets and the low-fat diets—Beverly Hills, Scarsdale, Cabbage Soup, the list goes on—didn’t deliver the nutrients, calories or energy that you need to be the healthiest version of yourself.

So you can let go of any lingering feelings of guilt, failure or self-loathing that those diets created, because you never stood a chance of success with them.

heatherkjones-factor-75Diets also don’t show you how to eat, or teach you how to form a healthy relationship with food and your body. Diets—which only focus on what to eat—not only create an obsessive relationship with food and throw your metabolism out of whack, they also set you up for failure and frustration.

-Heather K. Jones, The Real Reason Diets Don’t Work

Truth 2: New diets work…for some people…for a while.

The newer, name-brand diets from Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil or The Spark Solution, with strict menus and rules that absolutely must not be broken work for some people because they all have some core features in common. They eliminate most of the things that cause digestive problems in many people.

Most of them eliminate gluten (or grains entirely), sugar and dairy; the three most common food allergies that doctors diagnose today. Thus, why many people see results when they go paleo, gluten-free, or vegan. If you take away those three things, practically any of these short-lived “diets” will make you feel better than when you were eating processed food.

One big downside to trendy diets is that they are often riddled with regimented approaches to eating. Average people who lead active lives with jobs and families simply don’t have the resources—the time, the money, access to fresh food cooked daily—to follow exotic or inflexible meal plans.

That’s one reason why so many earnest people who are committed to getting fit, return to their old eating habits and regain weight. Worse, trendy diets also can make people feel like failures when they can’t sustain the impossibly high standards.

This perpetuates the vicious cycle of eating poorly and feeling like an unhealthy loser.

Truth 3: Eating optimally is arduous.

Notice we didn’t say “difficult.” Skipping dinner is difficult. Going grocery shopping after eight hours in the cubicle, unpacking the food, and cooking a nutrient-packed, multi-course dinner with fresh ingredients, and then cleaning the kitchen pots and pans and plates afterward is downright arduous.

Unless you work at home and love to spend hours cooking, eating in the healthy way you really crave is probably one of the hardest challenges you have to tackle every day. Is it any wonder that you’re ripping open a box of mac and cheese for the third time this week?

simple changes to eat cleaner factor 75

No matter how much you want to eat more nutritiously, modern life doesn’t make it easy for any of us to do. Most of us are short on time even more than we’re short on money. Time is the biggest commodity of all, especially where optimum nutrition is involved.

Truth 4: You can eat cleaner with two simple changes.

Here at Factor, we advocate cutting out sugar and avoiding processed foods— among other things—as much as possible. One universal truth is that those two things don’t belong in a clean diet.

If you reduce and eventually eliminate those two poisons from your diet, you’re going to start feeling better physically, emotionally and mentally, almost immediately. That’s the message that so many healthy-eating advocates are trying to share with you in a sometimes pushy way.

We want to help in a supportive, nonjudgmental way. Your healthy diet starts here, with little steps at a time.

Take a few minutes to navigate our site. Look at our food offerings and see if anything appeals to you visually. We promise if you like the looks of it, you’re going to love the taste.


Start with a week. After three weeks, your cravings for sugar and processed food will have all but disappeared. In fact, many of our subscribers say that after a few weeks of eating our clean food, it’s like their taste buds have come alive again.


Try it and let us know what you think!

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