How to Feel Healthier without Dieting

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Diets have good intentions. They’re around to make you look and feel better.

The problem with diets, however, is that most of them use weight loss as the only barometer for success.

And even though diets have come a long way since first entering society’s conscious, there’s still a failure to acknowledge that fitness doesn’t just come from what you don’t eat, it also comes from what you do eat.

Take a look at one of the first known dieters, King William I. His portly stature created an inability to ride a horse. The monarch got on track with what he dubbed a ‘liquid’ diet.

In today’s terms, William hit the sauce to minimize his waistline. Liquor as a means to slim down did get him on a horse again, though he still died barely able to fit in his casket.

Then there’s poet Lord Byron’s vinegar diet.

This odd culinary trend is one of the first examples of celebrity influence on society. Folks of all walks sought to mimic Byron’s bone thin appearance. Followers chose to adopt his consumption of vinegar-doused potatoes along with a vinegar chaser. Byron would even drink a cup of green tea as his dinner on occasion. It goes without saying that he also didn’t die a healthy chap.

And while similarly outlandish displays like Horace Fletcher’s chew and spit technique or the trend of swallowing a tapeworm may have lead to looser fitting clothes, they also contributed to sickness and even death.

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Even though modern dietary trends like low-carb, high-protein diets boast better results, there are still plenty of health risks involved.

A 35-year study by the Preventative Medicine Research Institute proves that a low-carb, high-protein diet can cause stress to your body by how it speeds up your metabolism. It can also increase the risk of heart disease.

Because when you cut nutrients like fat and carbs out of your diet, you lose important energy sources in the gym.

Do you think that a linebacker chows down on a 100 calorie chocolate bar to keep fit? Of course not. He’s going to eat nutrient-high meals (yes, that includes the much maligned carbs and fats).

And although the fitness of athletes is extreme compared to ours, their high-calorie diets reaffirm the importance of eating to enhance performance. So it’s as simple as that.

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