Kick more ass in less time: Outsourcing FTW


Chores are a huge time suck. If only we had a Downton Abbey staff to delegate the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Well, get this: You don’t have to be royalty to ditch the chores you hate. We don’t need servants. We’ve got the internet. Here’s how to outsource all the time-suckers in your life.

Live Like Royalty

Leverage the tools of our era and live like a Duke of the 312. Instead of hiring a private driver, Uber will pick us up in a black car shinier than KimYe’s diamond. When we want to vacation in a Napa Valley chateau, Airbnb takes us there for less than a night at the Westin. How about a personal chef? You’ve got Factor for that. We’ll deliver performance food for less than the cost of a Whole Foods salad bar.

Lord Grantham

Outsource the Time Sucks

Delegating the stuff that overloads your schedule gives us more time for the activities we love. A personal chef is no longer an untouchable luxury – it’s now accessible. And why stop there? Apps like TaskRabbit to pick up your dry cleaning, or Instacart to deliver your groceries (and the list goes on!) are now affordable and convenient. These incredible tools make your 24 hours longer, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

Create More Hours in the Day

Round up all the hours you spend cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry…Imagine transforming that chore-time into free-time. What would you do with it?

  • Learn
    Play a new instrument, learn a second language, take an online course, get a yoga certification
  • Play
    Try a new sport, volunteer at the animal shelter, take the kids camping, join the Ultimate Frisbee league
  • Rest
    Get a full eight hour night’s sleep (now that’s a luxury), read, garden, get a massage, try a sensory deprivation tank
  • Excel
    Kick more ass at work, impress your boss, get promoted


Delegating allows you to reallocate time to things you love. Go crush life. Let outsourcing take care of the rest.

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