Identifying Knee Pain with Dr. Tom Lotus

You’ve been training hard, eating healthy, and getting plenty of rest. You’ve been doing everything right. But suddenly you have knee pain. Injuries are frustrating and discouraging – especially when you’ve done nothing wrong.

Dr. Tom Lotus of the Spine and Sports Center of Chicago explains that identifying knee pain might often have surprising origins.

So, you have knee pain? The first place everyone looks is the knee. (Naturally.) But the knee is like the middle child in the family. He doesn’t do anything wrong, but gets blamed for everything. Unless there is direct trauma to the knee, the knee is often not the culprit for your symptoms.

#1 Load & Control


Load the foot. Control from the glutes.

How you load the foot has direct impact on how the knee will absorb any ground reaction force as you walk, run, squat, and move in general. Loading the foot properly in a “tripod” position will give the knee a fighting chance to absorb these ground reaction forces properly.

identifying-knee-pain-factor-75 #2 Stabilize effectively

Once you distribute the load of your weight onto your foot, you have to stabilize the entire kinetic chain. The glutes control and stabilize the knee. Therefore, as we move, our glutes need to engage properly to prohibit any knee crashing as you run, squat, walk, or move.

Finding out what hurts is easy. Finding out why you have pain is the solution. Remember, your body is designed to move. If you can improve the quality of how you move, you’ll improve how you feel.

About Dr. Tom Lotus

Dr-Tom-Lotus-Factor-75Dr. Lotus’s specialized approach to the biomechanics and kinesiology has made him a sought after authority in chiropractic rehabilitation. He is also a certified gait analyst, treating endurance athletes of all calibers. Learn more about his practice at The Spine and Sports Center of Chicago.

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