Introducing the New Factor

Introducing the New Factor

New Look. Same Quality. Less Noise.

Have you ever tried searching the internet for healthy recipes or nutrition advice only to find yourself wondering, “Oh wow, where do I even start?”

You’re not alone.

In a health and wellness market crowded with superfoods, diet tribes and overstated health claims, it can be tough to know where to turn for quality health and nutrition assistance.

For years, Factor has strived to break that mold by offering hassle-free, healthy meals. With an industry-leading staff of gourmet chefs and dietitians, we’ve delivered fresh, fully-prepared meals to customers since 2013. Our honest, quality-first approach has redefined what customers expect from prepared meal delivery services.

Today, to take the next step toward redefining the health and wellness space, we’re making several exciting new changes to our brand.

The New Factor

In an era of loaded food facts and ‘big food’ marketing heft, we’re committed to reducing the noise and bringing a simple approach to nutrition. We’ve dropped the “75” from our name, in favor of transparent human-speak over math equation.

Our revised name and identity bring renewed focus to the initial insight of our founding story— food is the most important factor in your health and fitness. But while the “75” is leaving, the quality of our meals and customer-centric service isn’t going anywhere.

The Ready Dash

More than just punctuation, our new identity utilizes an underscore ( _ ). We call it the Ready Dash.

The ready dash symbolizes our intent to help our customers always be prepared. Inspired by the text cursor used for inputting information into digital devices, the mark pushes our service and customers forward while underscoring our purpose — the biggest factor in health and overall fitness is what you put into your body.

Focus on the Food

We’re also saying au revoir to a long-time staple of our brand – Factor green. It was a nice ride, but it’s time we let our food do the talking. The foundation of our new brand will be black and white with sophisticated and straightforward messaging that puts the focus on the food.

While our new brand colors are minimalistic and unimposing, our website won’t want for color. Beautiful, vibrant images of our food and our customers will do the talking. The goal? We want the exceptional quality of our meals to show up on your screen.

Introducing the New Factor

New & Improved Site

Our dashboard and menu have always helped customers easily find meals that nourish their bodies and taste great, no matter their lifestyle or taste preferences. But our new site experience is a thing to behold.

For the past six months, our developers have had their eyes set on making our customer dashboard as convenient, yet intuitive, as possible. Lo and behold – they succeeded! Now, it’s easier than ever to update your order, rate your meals and set your dietary preferences.

But don’t take our word for it – check it out yourself!

Clean & Clear New Packaging

In line with the new website, our new packaging is simple, sleek and focuses on the food.

Our color-coded meal sleeves make it super simple to open your fridge and immediately know what’s in each bento. Meat is orange, breakfast is yellow, seafood is blue and veggies are green.

Easy, right? That’s the goal. With so many of our customers always on the move, this makes our meals even easier to grab-and-go.

Introducing the New Factor

Nutrition Coaching & Support

Our frank, truth-telling approach to nutrition has always been an important part of the brand. But our new, noise-canceling look and feel allows our customers to see the facts – no fluff.

Our team of registered dietitians will continue to offer one free 20-minute nutrition consult to anyone in need of nutrition guidance, even if you’re not a customer. Or, if you only have one specific question, you can submit it here.

Last, but not least, we’ve made our Nutrition Coaching packages even more affordable. Customers who want consistent, hands-on help from a registered dietitian can now purchase nutrition coaching starting at $99 per month.

Content to Crush Your Goals

Like the friend who always spots you at the gym, we want to help you hit your goals.

From our blog (welcome! – you’re on it) to our monthly webinars, we’re constantly releasing content that helps you find success in the gym and the kitchen. Our team of industry experts publishes articles and videos covering fitness tips, wellness news, diet guides and so much more!

To learn more, click here to visit the homepage of our blog!

Get in Touch with the Team

With so much change, we know you may have some questions about our new website, packaging and branding. For additional information or assistance, please reach out to our Customer Experience Team at

For media and press-related inquiries, please visit our press page or email us at

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