LIFEFORCE #2: The 5 Critical Pillars of MAXIMUM Health & Fitness
We all know the basics of good health and fitness: Limit your carbs, drink lots of water, exercise four times a week, etc. But what about *maximum* health and fitness?


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The 5 Critical Pillars of MAXIMUM Health & Fitness


We all know the basics of good health and fitness: Limit your carbs, drink lots of water, exercise four times a week, etc. But what about *maximum* health and fitness? What do professional athletes and those who live extraordinarily healthy lives do to take their bodies far and beyond what the rest of us consider “normal”?

Even if you are not planning to become a professional athlete, you can still benefit from having the health and fitness of an elite performer.

Contrary to what you may believe, extreme health and stellar performance is not all about genetics. Studies show that those who are born with remarkable physical attributes quite often never even come close to achieving their potential. Conversely, the ones who were NOT born with ‘perfect genes’… those who must and do ‘try harder’ to excel or compete, are more likely to self-actualize.

So what is it that makes these relatively ‘average’ individuals so much ‘healthier’ than the rest of us… and even better than those with a genetic predisposition toward physical perfection?

After decades of researching and interacting with these individuals, I have discovered that there are five specific factors behind optimal health and fitness.

dr-mark-patientToday, I will provide a brief description of all five factors. In future articles, I will go into greater detail about each of them to help you achieve the optimal health and fitness of your dreams.

And for those of you who want answers now (or those who desire the professional support of a specialist in this field), I will be more than happy to personally take you to the next level – just reach out to me through my website and you will hear back from a staff member within 24 hours.

With that said, the following Five Pillars are critical to your success:

Pillar #1: NUTRITION — Pay close attention to the food you put into your body

pillar-1Most of us eat because we are either hungry or because it gives us pleasure. When in truth, we should be eating for fuel and nourishment. Those who learn to see food as either fuel or poison tend to make better food choices. Frequently the same food can be considered fuel or poison depending on how it is sourced or prepared. Pastured eggs are the best form of fuel for your body, factory-farm produced eggs can be considered “poison”.  FACTOR 75 provides the kind of fuel-centric nutrition that you need (which is, once again, why I not only subscribe to them myself but also recommend them to my clients!).

Pillar #2: EXERCISE — Quality vs. Quantity

pillar-2Studies show that not all exercise is created equally. In fact, some exercise can harm you (increasing your risk of heart disease, causing your body to store fat, breaking down muscle, damaging joints, fostering arthritis, and even speeding up the aging process). Therefore, it is critical to become knowledgeable in this area if you intend to gain maximum results and avoid doing more harm than good.

Pillar #3: HORMONES — Help your Hormones!

pillar-3Hormones are possibly the most poorly understood aspect of our physical well-being. And yet, hormones impact nearly every bodily function, from our emotional states to how well we sleep, from our level of concentration to our memory, from our sex lives to our weight, and even the rate at which we age! So, when it comes to hormones, you can’t afford to remain in the dark. You cannot be the “best you” without monitoring and balancing your hormone levels. It is as simple as that.

Pillar #4: SUPPLEMENT — Supplement essential nutrients wisely

pillar-4Unless you are (properly) growing it yourself, chances are that the food you eat doesn’t provide nearly enough of the nutrients you need to thrive. As such, it is critical for you to enhance your diet with supplements. However, the problem is that, like exercise, not all supplements are helpful. Most mass-produced supplements will actually cause you more harm than good. In this area, if you put together your own supplement program, you must become highly knowledgeable as well. Spending time on the internet can boost your understanding of supplements and how they work, but this can take an enormous amount of effort and be very misleading.

More practically speaking, any supplement you buy from Factor (coming soon…) will definitely be beneficial as I have personally overseen the development of every one of their supplements. I can also put together personalized supplement programs for people requiring more intense supplementation.

Pillar #5: MINDSET — It’s all in your head…. more or less.

pillar-5In the end, you will find that most of those who we truly admire for their inspiring health and physical prowess, are just the product of a healthy mindset. They think differently than the rest of us. They see themselves differently, and they assume a different level of responsibility for the choices they make. They forge better habits and allow fewer excuses. They master self-discipline and find ways to enjoy the entire process. Learning all that you can about the mindset of the masters will reap the biggest rewards! Now that you’ve had a cursory peek at the five pillars supporting maximum health and fitness, you will want to dive deeper into each area if you wish to achieve true mastery over your body.

Next month, we will continue this series beginning with Pillar #1: NUTRITION.

In the meantime, let’s get you started with a few simple things you can do right now to maximize your health and fitness:


Start a Journal: This journal should include everything you eat every day for at least a week – along with the time at which you eat it. In next month’s issue, we will focus on the kind of food you are putting into your body as well as the times of day during which you eat it, so it will be helpful if you already have a solid understanding of your own current eating habits.

Make a List: This list should include the following: The 5 foods that you eat that are strictly for pleasure (least amount of nutritional value), next, list the 5 foods you could be eating instead (they still bring you pleasure but are significantly more nutritious). In our next issue, we will help you take this concept further. But for now, let’s start getting used to the principle.

Take Action: Once you have a list of potential replacement foods, start substituting. Experiment and look up recipes. But most of all, keep trying! Our goal isn’t to eliminate pleasure from your eating experience. Our goal is to help you find a way to… “have your cake and be healthy too.”

Until next month, remember,

‘Good Health’ is a choice… choose ‘Well’.


Dr. Mark Rosenbloom MD


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