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Welcome to LIFEFORCE, a monthly blog created by award-winning medical innovator, author, and Optimal Performance & Health Practitioner, Dr. Mark Rosenbloom MD. This evocative series (named after Dr. Rosenbloom’s highly lauded medical practice), will provide you with leading-edge medical insights and health-related information designed to help you THRIVE in your personal life and career.

Doctor Do Little DO MORE

If you’re like most people, chances are you already have a ‘regular’ doctor. Someone you visit annually for physicals, flu shots, patching up injuries, and for looking at ‘suspicious moles’. But aside from that, most General Practitioners do very little to improve your quality of life, much less to ‘optimize’ it.

I used to be that kind of doctor myself. In fact, I was an emergency medicine specialist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, and an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, where I focused exclusively on ‘fixing’ people.

However, after 20 years of ‘treating illness,’ I came to the life-changing conclusion that optimizing health’ (and performance) was a much better solution for my patients. Clearly, by maximizing their health and fitness, I would be making a far greater contribution to them. And if doing so could also keep them from getting sick in the first place, then so much the better.

Thus, began my career as an ‘Optimal Performance & Health Practitioner’. My goal was to raise the bar for myself as well as for my patients. Instead of just ‘repairing’ them… I wanted to ‘turbo-charge’ them… so they could perform at vastly superior levels… both physically and mentally.

To achieve this objective, I now combine holistic treatments with leading edge technologies (such as DNA diagnostics, DEXA-Scans,and bioidentical hormonereplacement therapy).


Unfortunately, I represent a tiny minority of physicians, as western medicine is based almost entirely on ‘treating illness’ rather than on ‘optimizing performance’. MOST us could be significantly healthier and happier than we are now, if we only knew what regimen to follow.

If you’re wondering why western medicine focuses more on ‘sickness’ than ‘wellness’, the answer is quite simple, treating illness is highly lucrative. If you think about it, the expense of eating a healthy diet, exercising, and avoiding stress is much less than the cost of pharmaceuticals, chemo-therapy, and bypass surgery. Let’s face it, doctors earn more money than nutritionists, and hospitals make more than fitness centers.

I DO believe we need ‘general practitioners’, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. But I also believe we need OPTIMIZATION EXPERTS, because this type of specialist not only helps prevent illness, they can also help us greatly improve the quality of our lives.


And this is the purpose of my blog series… to provide you with highly effective, (and generally low-cost) ways of vastly improving the performance and quality of your life, as well as extending this quality well into your 80’s, 90’s, and beyond.

If you already have a General Practitioner, you should most certainly continue seeing him or her for your various bumps and bruises, but don’t stop there. Remember, most health practitioners are only looking for ways to keep you in ‘average health for your age’. And if you happen to be getting up in years, you may have already noticed that ‘average health for your age’ kind of sucks!

It is possible for most of us to enjoy the health and fitness of someone 10 to 30 years younger than our chronological age by leading an ‘optimal’ lifestyle, and following a few simple steps. I am hopeful that my LIFEFORCE blog series will help steer you in that direction… beginning with my endorsement of Factor.

I have been a customer of Factor for nearly 3 years as I believe they have the healthiest and best-tasting prepackaged food menu of anyone in the industry. As such, I am not only a customer, I also recommend their program to my own patients.

In future blogs, we will discuss a host of health-related topics, ranging from the profile of a high-performance, highly nutritious diet, to ways in which you can dramatically increase the benefits of working out by ‘decreasing’ the amount of time you spend exercising.

Until then, remember,

‘Good Health’ is a choice… choose ‘Well’.

Dr. Mark Rosenbloom MD

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