What Exactly is the ‘Makers Movement’?

Tomorrow, Technori is filling an auditorium with startup enthusiasts. What brings 500 of these brilliant, sexy people together? They’re all “makers.”

You’re a maker, too – even if you didn’t know it.


The Makers Movement has been dubbed this generation’s industrial revolution. We are more qualified, capable, and motivated than ever. And the Technori crew is a excellent example. They’re building a network of resources and leadership to empower tomorrow’s startup businesses. After all, we are the generation of the internet-made-wo/man. And Technori offers those passionate individuals a stage for discovery.

Every month, Technori Pitch assembles a showcase of Chicago’s most innovative startups, each with nine minutes to pitch their latest technologies. This month’s theme is Makers. And Factor’s fearless founder, Nick Wernimont, will be taking the stage.


So… are you a “maker”? If you’re reading this, yes.

A maker only needs two things: A passion. And the internet. Since the beginning of the 2000s, we’ve seen the launch of MAKE magazine, the explosive popularity of the MakerFaire, and exponential growth of crowdfunding. The crux of the maker movement is accessibility. One keystroke in Google opens pages of encyclopedic knowledge.

For instance: after four minutes on YouTube you can change a carburetor. After 10 minutes on Pinterest you’ll have a toilet paper wreath. (And after five minutes on WebMD, you’ve diagnosed yourself with hyperhidrosis.) The possibilities are endless. And that inspires the maker in all of us.

For Factorers, the internet has opened up a world of fitness routines, nutrition research, and professional advice. You’re empowered to improve your health and fitness – and you make shit happen. You can find like-minded fitness lovers, locate training groups, and access the latest fitness research. Your desire to perform better/faster led you to this blog, right?


As a Factor community, you’ve come together to optimize your lives – through better food, more energy, and more time. Factor meals give you clean energy to fuel your passions, and the extra time you need to accomplish them.

Here’s to being doers, makers, and movers. You inspire us!

Wish Nick good luck here or here! And stay tuned for our Technori follow-up.

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