Marathon Nutrition Tips by Anthony Taglia

In our Rethink Your Food series, we’re spotlighting Factor 75 members who have significantly improved their lives with optimal nutrition. This month we talked to Anthony Taglia.

This guy deserves a Factor 75 trophy. He’s ranked in the top 5 percent of Illinois lawyers, he’s an IronMan finisher, a marathon runner, and a charity board member. Plus, he’s just so nice.

And now, with more time to workout and relax, he’s less stressed, more focused, and healthier than ever before. He even gets to eat mac & cheese whenever he wants. Read on for some of his marathon nutrition tips.

marathon nutrition tips Factor 75

Anthony Taglia, Partner, Golan & Christie

Factor 75 member since: April, 2013

Favorite fitness activity: Running

Favorite Factor 75 meal: Macaroni & cheese

What sold you on Factor 75?

Factor 75 clientThe quality and taste of the food is outstanding. It is incredibly easy to use, and saves me an enormous amount of time and energy.

I am also very impressed with the meal selection and portion control.

I eat cleaner because Factor 75 does all the work for me in terms of setting the nutritional components of each meal and preparing appropriately sized portions.


Did you have any reservations at first?

I was nervous that it wouldn’t be enough food and that it would taste bland. But after trying all of the items on the menu, I was really impressed with the quality of the food and the selections.

How has Factor 75 affected your daily life?

It saves me a substantial amount of time since I don’t have to shop or prepare meals.

I was able to significantly increase the amount of time I can spend working out and relaxing since I don’t have to go to the store or cook. I have even dramatically reduced the amount of money I spend eating out since it is so convenient to eat at home.

And now I don’t have to worry about what to eat when training for a marathon!

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