March is National Nutrition Month


So, want to make March awesome? Here’s how: Nutrition.

Yeah yeah. Sounds like a chapter in a health textbook. But March is National Nutrition Month, and we’ve vowed to make it cool again.

First, stop thinking about “nutrition” in terms of chalky minerals and grams of fiber. When you think “nutritious,” think: more energy, hotter sex, sharper focus.

We need to give nutrition a leather jacket and a Mustang. Because, really, nutrition is awesome. It’s the key to performing better, feeling happier, and having the energy to follow your passions (that’s kinda our M.O. at Factor).

So, we’re vowing to give “nutrition month” a makeover. [Queue the You’re The One That I Want reprise.] Nutrition, you’re gonna get a perm and spandex leggings. Eat your heart out, Danny.

10 Ways to Make National Nutrition Month Badass

  1. Eat more folate, and become a sex god.
  2. Attend a Green City Market chef demonstration.
  3. Snack between meals.
  4. Master these awesome food hacks.
  5. Replace your afternoon coffee with a banana. Seriously. It works.
  6. Cholesterol in eggs is good for you? Hullo, sausage omelet.
  7. Take a cue from the Sochi Olympians, drink beet juice. Nitrates = more stamina, more power.
  8. Find a Golden Ticket & attend our VIP anniversary par-tay.
  9. Join a nutrition Meetup group & make friends with sexy, like-minded people (try this one, or this one).
  10. What’s that? Butter is nutritious?! Rejoice.

How are you celebrating National Nutrition Month?
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