Monday and Tuesday Delivery is Coming!

You asked for meals earlier in the week, so we are making it happen. Starting this month, we will be changing to a Monday and Tuesday delivery schedule. Read on to find out what your delivery day will be, how the schedule will change in the next few weeks, and how this impacts how you order during the transition.

As we transition from Friday to Monday or Tuesday delivery, that’s, of course, going to create some changes. To make sure everyone understands what’s going to happen, and how that might impact how you order, we shot a quick video to explain what will happen throughout the month of December, so be sure to check it out. There are also more details below.

Here’s the upcoming delivery schedule:

  • Friday, December 11th will be the Cut-off Day for the Friday, December 18th Delivery Day.

That’s normal. So that week remains exactly the same as before. That will be the FINAL Friday delivery.

  • Friday, December 18th will be the Cut-off Day for Mon/Tue, December 28th/29th Delivery Day.

Please take note that this transition week has a 10 or 11 day turnaround time as opposed to the usual 7 day turnaround. That means if you use Factor on the weekends or early in the week on Monday and Tuesday, you’ll want to put a few more meals in your delivery for this week. Once you get your meals on Dec. 18th, there will not be another delivery until Dec 28th or 29th, so go into your account and add those extra meals to your cart by the Dec. 18th Cut-off Day, and you won’t miss out on any of the delicious meals you need!

  • Tuesday, December 29th will be the Cut-off Day for Mon/Tue, January 4th/5th Delivery Day.

That’s how it will work from then on. Tuesdays will be the new cut-off days for Mon/Tuesday deliveries. Check out the schedule below for a visual.

*The Delivery Day and Cut-off Day for that particular Delivery Day are the same color to make it a little easier to read, but we recommend watching the video to make sure everything is clear.



“Will my delivery day change to Monday or Tuesday?”

That depends on where you live. If you live anywhere within a 40-mile radius of the city of Chicago, you will have Monday delivery. Anywhere outside of that, you will now have Tuesday delivery.

“What do I do if I had paused deliveries?”

Any delivery that was paused for a Friday starting December 25th we will automatically update to be paused for the immediately following Tuesday. Be sure to update any paused orders if you are now able to receive your meals on that Tuesday instead of the Friday(s) you had originally skipped.

Any further questions?

Just email us at and we’ll be happy to answer those for you right away.

We know this is a change that you have been asking for, so we’re excited to roll this out for you. You know how to reach us. If we don’t talk to you, have a Happy Holidays, and thank you for being a wonderful customer!!

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