Guest Post: Polar Vortex Workout from Studio DelCorpo

Delcorpo5This week’s guest post comes from Cheryl Delio Malham of Studio DelCorpo. Cheryl designs supremely individualized fitness programs, taking into consideration personal goals, bio-mechanics, and ambitions.

This month she designed a Polar Vortex workout. And it rocks.

The Polar Vortex Workout

It has been a long cold winter…and it is only February!
If you are one of those folks who has been stuck inside and in desperate need of a workout, I’ve designed a “Help-I-Am-Trapped-Inside-Because-It-Is-Negative-23” program – aka the Polar Vortex Workout.

The PVW is designed so you can customize it to match your energy level,mood, and goal for the day. Use the Bespoke It! key to heighten the intensity of any exercise.

Bespoke It! Options
R=Add rotation
P=Add Plyometric jump
Pu=Add Pushup between each rep
L=Add lunge between each rep
St=Staggered stance
W=Add weights
S=Add a step
AFAP= As fast as possible
ALAP=As low as possible


Lateral Shuffle

About 20 ft side-to-side. 20 reps (AFAP, ALAP, W, Pu)

Power Jack

Jump, legs out wide, feet slightly turned out, drop one hand to floor while squatting, legs back together. 20 reps (AFAP)


Repeat both


Single Leg Squat

20 reps each leg. (P, L, W) Reach one arm to the floor.

+ Squat Jumps

Touch the floor, explode up. 20 reps (Pu, L, W, S)

Repeat both


Push Ups

In narrow arm position. 20 reps (P, St, S, R, W-add single arm row)

+ Full Sit Ups

20 reps. (R, W, AFAP)

+ Mountain Climbers

20 reps. (Pu, AFAP, ALAP) Start in strong full plank position.

Repeat all three


Finish with one of the following:


  • Lateral leaps. 20 reps (AFAP, ALAP, W)


  • 20 reps (Pu, St, W, AFAP, single leg)

Kettlebell Swing

  • 20 reps (St, AFAP)

Not feeling so cold now, are you?

Follow up your workout with some performance-based comfort food…we’re in love with Factor’s Mac and Cheese. Ideally, you’ll want to eat within 30 minutes, while your muscles are still warm.

For more information about Cheryl’s Bespoke Fitness approach, visit the Studio DelCorpo website here.

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