[Guest Post] Eating for the post-pregnancy body: Part 2

GITmom_portraitThis is part two in our series about enjoying the food you eat, and maintaining your pre- and post-pregnancy body. Written by Chicago’s #1 Super Mom, Eirene Heidelberger, of GIT Mom.

In my last post, I mentioned that I live to eat. But I don’t mean chicken breasts and veggies. I love going out to eat, whether it’s to a trendy restaurant, happy hour…or KFC. Here are my tips for letting healthy eating slip without the guilt:



Simple tips for eating junk food your way

  • Select a restaurant you’re really excited about. Make your night worth it.
  • Look at the menu before arrival. Think of this as your pre-game strategy.
  • Are you going to eat the bread and butter or olive oil? I say, “Yes!” Allow yourself one or two slices then have it removed before it starts staring at you…taunting you.
  • Decide what you’re going to eat and have ZERO guilt about it. After all, you don’t eat like this all the time, so enjoy. Otherwise, what is the point?


The morning after: Eat more

I often find I wake up starving after a big meal. This is normal!

According to Dr. David Greenwald, “It’s likely that the stuff [people] eat doesn’t fill them up properly. People who eat a lot, but don’t eat good things, are likely to feel hungry again soon after a meal.”

Don’t starve yourself thinking you’ll compensate for over-indulging. Instead, eat! But don’t eat, nourish.

Proactive eatingPorridge with berries (1)

Start your day with a super-filling breakfast of oatmeal with high-fiber fruit like blueberries. Or a slice of whole grain bread with peanut butter.

About two hours later, or at the first sign of hunger, be proactive and eat. Try:

  • Cut veggies like red, yellow and orange peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, etc.
  • Cut fruit
  • Nuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds (remember a serving is 1/4 cup, or 18-28 pieces depending on type of nut)
  • Low sodium v8
  • A cucumber, kale, green apple smoothie


Then continue your eating journey with broth-based soups, lean proteins like chicken, turkey, ham, and a hearty helping of veggies.

By living both healthily and guilt-free you’ll feel great and have high energy, as well as not feel deprived. Take it from me: I indulge, I indulge a lot, but I make smart choices when I’m off the wagon to make it worth my while.

Repeat after me: I go for it, and then I’m over it.

Try it! You’ll be a happier eater and more energetic parent in no time.

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