Remembering Aaron Wernimont
Our founder, Nick Wernimont, remembers his younger brother five years removed from his untimely passing. How the life and legacy of Aaron has inspired our mission (+ how you can help us donate)

Our founder, Nick Wernimont, remembers his younger brother 5 years after his untimely death. How Aaron’s life & legacy has inspired our mission + donation.


Performance. It defines us. It drives us. Performance is often remembered long after the game, the season, project, and in this case, life.

My younger brother, Aaron Wernimont, suddenly died when he was only 26 exactly five years ago today, March 13, 2012. Although Aaron’s life was cut too short, he approached every day of his life as an opportunity to perform better than yesterday.

Aaron, to me, embodied what it meant to be a good son, brother, husband and friend. He was, and still is, someone I admire and looked up to. Though he was my younger brother, he taught me more about finding happiness and contentment in the simple things in life than anyone I have ever met. He lived by example and was a man of incredible depth and character.

In sport, Aaron was a two-time NCAA national champion wrestler who won his last 80 consecutive matches. In the classroom, he was a 3-time academic All-American who was on his path to be an optometrist. However, the performance for which Aaron will be most remembered for is not his awards, accolades or grades, rather, as a loving husband and father, a faithful friend and mentor, an inspiring leader, and ultimately, a lifelong companion as my brother.

* * * *

The main reason that I started this company was to make my brother proud by helping to alleviate sickness and provide our customers with nutrition to help you live a life worth living. My goal is to help you perform, as Aaron has inspired me to, through better nutrition.

For this week, to do our small part in honoring Aaron, we will donate $10 to the Aaron Wernimont Inspiration Fund for every new order of Factor. The fund awards a scholarship to a student each year graduating from Pocahontas Area Community High School, my hometown in Iowa of roughly 1,000 people. The spirit of this award serves as a reminder to not only be and do one’s best but to also enjoy the journey along the way. One may never know how many lives will be touched.

If you’re not yet a customer, follow the link here to get started and use code INSPIRATION to take $10 off your first order.

If you’re already a customer of ours, please refer a friend to further help make a difference. Our Menu cutoff is Wednesday at Midnight CT when we will tally and match the orders for our donation.

Thank you! On behalf of our team, I greatly appreciate your continued support!

“Make each day count.”

Nick Wernimont Factor Founder

One story that really paints a picture of the life of Aaron Wernimont comes from the photographer of his wedding — Mandy Miller. Here’s an excerpt below and the full post here.

Fast forward a couple of weeks to March 13, 2012. I heard some news that really rocked my world. At the young age of 26, Aaron Wernimont had passed away. What? How could this be possible? And why was I so saddened by the death of someone I barely knew? I was devastated – almost to the point of being embarrassed of how sad I was for only meeting him once.

Shortly after Aaron died, a tribute video was made in his honor. I watched it and couldn’t believe my eyes. Some of the photos I had taken were in this video to remember Aaron.

I replayed the video several times – touched more and more with each time I watched. At one point in the video, it was mentioned how Aaron and Kahri always put faith first. It didn’t matter how late they were out the night before, they always went to church on Sunday morning. Always. I remember thinking – “I want that. I want faith to come first in my life. I don’t want it to be once in a while on Sunday mornings if I get up early enough.”

After Aaron died, I was reading all kinds of messages about him and the kind of person he was. I was actually relieved to read that others felt like they knew Aaron after meeting him just one time.

Aaron Wernimont, 1985-2012





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