Challenge Authority. Rethink Your Food.


Why the hell is a donut “breakfast food”? It delivers the same empty calorie blast as a slice of birthday cake. Let’s step back and reconsider the food rules we’ve learned over the years. Birthday cake for breakfast? Hydrogenated peanut butter? WTF? Time to rethink your food.

Who said this junk would be okay for our bodies? Take a cue from John Bender of the Breakfast Club. We’re grown ups now, Principal Vernon, and we can make our own choices.

Let’s get critical.

It’s time to take back responsibility for our food, and challenge old rules. We’ve lived through the no-fat witch hunt of the 90s, and the no-carb craze of the 2000s. We’re weary of blanket statements that rule out entire macronutrients. ‘Cause as it turns out, fat and carbs are good for us.

But it’s the type of fat (omega-3s FTW), and the kinds of carbs (low-GI, baby) that really matter. By scrutinizing ingredients and learning how they affect our bodies, we stay in control. You’re not fooling us, food industry. We know processed ingredients like modified corn starch aren’t “healthy.”

Let’s raise our standards.

Our lives have more responsibilities (read: stress) than our junior high days. Lunch room chicken patties just won’t cut it. In order to meet our daily energy demands, we need nourishing fuel that works as hard as we do.

Food should make us feel great.

Chemicals and processed ingredients aren’t food. They screw up your digestion, clog your arteries, and imbalance your moods. When we eat whole, clean foods we feel great. In fact, nutritious foods are the key to more energy, sharper focus, and better sex. And we have the studies to prove it.

Sharper focus.

  • The Cambridge Journal Nutrition Research Reviews found that carbohydrate-rich, protein-poor meals have a sedative effect, whereas protein and vitamin-rich meals improved reaction time and focus. Subjects eating optimized nutrition reported stable moods, and higher tolerance for stressful situations.

Bigger brains.

  • Thanks to nutrition, humans are more intelligent. Dr. Richard Lynn writes that better nutrition has increased “head circumference and brain size, and to improved neurological development and functioning of the brain.” And we can get even smarter, he says, but only if standards of nutrition improve.

  • Michael A. Schmidt, author of Brain-Building Nutrition, found insufficient amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 reduce brain size, brain cell count, and the capacity for learning and retention. Our consumption of these fatty acids has declined by over 80 percent in the last 100 years. Don’t let this be you.

Schmidt, Michael A., Brain Building Nutrition (2007) pg. 10

More energy + better sex.

  • Think of all you could accomplish with more energy each day.Nourishing foods give you more endurance and increased stamina– for use at the office, the gym, or between the sheets.

  • Vitamin E is necessary for healthy sperm production and motility.

  • Nitric oxide widens blood vessels and relaxes artery walls, allowing blood to flow freely – acting like a natural Viagra.

  • Omega-3s promote testosterone production and raise dopamine levels in the brain that trigger arousal.

  • Most of these essential vitamins and fatty acids are not produced naturally by the body. So, where do we get these sexy nutrients? Our food.

We lead demanding lives. So let’s demand more from our food. Nourishing ingredients make us stronger, sharper, and sexier. The media can try to sell us donuts for breakfast, but we’re smarter than that.

Here’s to challenging authority. It tastes delicious.

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