Satiating Snacks: Foods with the Highest Protein+Fiber Combo

Protein is the most difficult macronutrient to consume enough of. According to the FDA, “The Daily Value for protein is 50g per day. This is based on a 2,000 calorie diet”. When strategizing daily protein consumption, many people only account for their meals consisting of meat. But what about snacks that deliver protein?

In addition, Most Americans don’t get enough fiber in their diets. The recommended intake is between 20 and 38 grams of total fiber per day, depending on your age and gender, with 25 grams being a realistic goal for most people.” (Fernstrom, M. ,Ph.D., CNS. Americans need more fiber in their diet). With protein and fiber being crucial sources of nourishment, it may be helpful to have some easy, go to snacks that deliver ample grams of both. Listed below are 6 candidates that aid in a balanced and healthy diet.

1. Almonds: 6g protein, 3g fiber per oz. 

Satiating snacks with the highest protein and fiber combo via Factor75

This superfood is one the best options to snack on when hunger strikes. According to Archer Farms, almonds deliver 6 grams of protein, offers 3 grams of fiber, and contains healthy fats that leave you feeling full and satisfied.

2. Pistachios: 6g protein, 3 fiber per oz.

Pistachios in Satiating Snacks: Foods with the Highest Protein+Fiber Combo via factor 75

Similar to almonds, this super nut is packed with protein, fiber and fat. Pistachios are full of flavor and may be eaten right out of the shell or used in a variety of  sweet and savory recipes. Wonderful Pistachios produces Non-GMO nuts picked right from their own trees in California. The only ingredients include pistachios and sea salt. Find out more at Wonderful Pistachios – Get Crackin’.


3. Black beans: 14g protein, 12g fiber per cup

Black beans- Satiating Snacks: Foods with the Highest Protein+Fiber Combo via Factor75
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Black beans are a phenomenal source of protein, adding 14 grams to your daily count per cup. Fiber follows shortly behind with a total of 12 grams per cup. Black beans are satiating, delicious, and versatile as a food staple. They are so versatile, in fact, that they may also be used in sweet dishes like the one pictured on above: Black Bean Brownies (recipe here). Don’t knock ‘um until you try them.  They are decadent and mouth watering.

4. Artichokes: 3.5 protein, 10.3g fiber per vegetable

Artichokes - Satiating Snacks: Foods with the Highest Protein+Fiber Combo via Factor
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Unlike the previously mentioned snacks, artichokes provide more fiber than protein. Racking up 10.3 grams per medium artichoke, these delicious flowers will fill you up while promoting digestive health. The 3.5 grams of protein is just an added bonus. Artichokes are typically served as a snack roasted or grilled.

5. Edamame: 18g protein, 18g fiber per cup

Edamame - Satiating Snacks: Foods with the Highest Protein+Fiber Combo via Factor75

Edamame is the strongest contender yet, ranking in at #1 with protein and fiber count. Archer Farms nutrition facts give edamame an 18/18 in protein to fiber ratio. These yummy treats are eaten by removing the beans from the pods themselves, which are inedible. They may be complemented with soy or tamari sauce and sea salt.


6. Spicy Roasted Chickpeas: 12g protein/14g fiber per cup

spicy oven roasted chickpeas on Factor75
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If you typically crave salty or spicy foods, these spicy roasted chickpeas will be right in your wheelhouse. This delightful recipe was provided by the Chowhound Blog, and it did not disappoint. A cup of these crispy bites deliver 12 grams of protein and 14 grams of fiber with an elevated spiced flavoring. You’ll feel nourished, satisfied, and full after snacking on these garbanzo beans.

Hungry for more? If you’re looking for delicious high-protein and high-fiber meals, check out Factor75’s sample menu!

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