The Benefits of Eating Breakfast: Four Studies That Prove Mom Was Right

Yeah, yeah. It’s the most important meal of the day.Weallknowtheold adage. But sometimes we just don’t have the time. Or we’re not hungry. Or we’d rather hit snooze five more times.

Well, it’s not just your mom pressuring you to eat your Wheaties. It’s over 20 years of scientific research and health trials. The benefits of eating breakfast are remarkable. This one meal will make you smarter, stronger, and more efficient. And here are the studies to back us up:

Breakfast makes you stronger


This study followed two groups of women: one that didn’t eat protein in the morning, and another that ate lean protein such as Canadian bacon or eggs. The breakfasts were identical in volume and calories. “The group eating more protein kept more lean muscle than the group who ate the same number of calories but less protein.” Lean muscle mass is more metabolically active, meaning it burns more calories at rest. This keeps your body humming, circulating, and repairing – all without lifting a finger.

Breakfast improves endurance


In this time trial study of male cyclists, the group that consumed a low glycemic index breakfast sustained longer endurance and faster trials than the cyclists who ate a high glycemic index meal. “Greater carbohydrate oxidation sustained energy production towards the end of exercise and led to the improved performance.”

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Breakfast boosts cognitive function


In multiple studies of elementary and high school students, researchers found breakfast eaters showed better spacial reasoning, auditory attention span, and short-term memory. This led to better overall performance and test grades.Higher cognitivefunctionwas noted in students who ate low-sugar oatmeal over those who consumed sugary cereal.

“Oatmeal provides a slower and more sustained energy source and consequently results in cognitive enhancement compared to low-fiber high glycemic ready-to-eat cereal.”

Breakfast is your “on” switch


Breakfast “wakes up” your body. It’s the meal that effectively “breaks” the “fast” of your eight hour sleep, and puts the body into drive.

Waiting too long to eat will prolong this fasting state, causing the body to store more fat cells. In contrast, eating breakfast boosts metabolism, digestion, and energy levels repeatedly linked to weight maintenance, heart health, and improved performance.

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