[Guest Post] The Key to Eating Real Food

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Dr. Sirchio is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and member of the Factor Fitness and Nutrition Board. And she’s about to take you to school on eating real food. It’s time to rethink your food.

“You have teeth and an appetite, it should be simple. Insert food, chew, swallow.”

Sadly, our American food supply has become over-processed and nutrient depleted.

Our inferior food resources and garbled media messages have people terribly confused on how to maintain the three human needs (that’s food, water, and shelter, if you’ve forgotten.) I’m sure we have a few other things we’d like to consider “essential”…sex, coffee, booze…but let’s stick to the basics.

Ask anyone about “how to eat cleaner” and you will get a cornucopia of advice, most of it incorrect.

Fat free, low-carb, whole grain, gluten free, sugar free, high protein, raw, low calorie, high fiber, no red meat, only fish, no eating after 7 p.m., water with lemon first thing in the morning, don’t combine fruits….and the list goes on!

Confused yet? You should be.

So, let’s define the terms.
Fresh fruits


  • Contains calories: Calories are units of energy. So no-calorie items will give you no energy.
  • Contains macronutrients: carbohydrate, fat, and protein. You need these to stay alive. Eat them.
  • Contains micro-nutrients: vitamins, bioflavinoids, minerals, carotenoids…again, you need these to live, eat them.
  • Food is grown, food is harvested, food is or has been alive. Food will rebuild your cells, maintain your brain health, build muscle, optimize your immune system, give you energy and therefore LIFE.


Let’s put this principle into practice:
A packaged pastry dessert is not a food. If your item contains calories, but not macro and micronutrients, it is not food. Do not eat it.



Sodium-based frozen or canned items. Artificially flavored, sweetened or preserved items. Soda. Energy drinks. Cheetos. Little Debbies. Processed meats. Margarine.

Read about the sugar health risks.

.Also not food.


Vegetables, fruits, insects, grasses, grains, beans, seeds, eggs, animals, fish, nuts. (See, there’s still plenty to choose from.)

And the Factor menu, for example? Read the ingredients; it’s made from FOOD!

Don’t let all the marketing messages confuse you. It’s quite simple to eat cleaner and healthier.

Eat FOOD and thrive. Build a body and brain for a life worth living.

Infographic courtesy of Sustain Ontario. See the full image here.

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