Tips for Weight Loss Success by Dr. Sirchio

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Physician’s Tips for Weight Loss Success

Weight gain is one of the trickiest problems to diagnose for a medical professional.

Is it the result of poor diet? Lack of exercise? Maybe a disease?

Based on how obesity and weight issues are “seen” determines what kind of treatment ideas the medical community will support.

This is even tougher for the person struggling with their weight.

Is it their fault? Are they lacking in willpower? Is something “wrong” with them?

In my practice I run through six simple rules or tests. I want to share them with you to help un-muddy the waters…


Calories-in vs calories-out

This idea is given way too much credit. In general it works. But, we all know people that barely eat 800 calories a day and yet gain as the weeks pass, evidence that more is at play than this simple rule.

Eat better

Four cups of veggies a day is my blanket rule. Eat clean, unprocessed meats, poultry, fish(organic when possible). Omit all artificial sweeteners, colors and preservatives. Drink water.

Get more exercise

Cardio, interval training and strength training are all equally important. Try to get in 30 consecutive minutes five days a week and build from there. Can’t find 30 minutes? Try one or more of these things: Set your alarm clock 30-minutes earlier; read emails a bit more efficiently; skip a nightly TV show.

Test your hormone levels

There are many factors at play here: thyroid, insulin, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisol, melatonin, ghrelin…just to name a few. All these different hormones interrelate and an imbalance is often the source of a weight problem. What to do? Get them tested by a doctor who specializes in hormone testing.

Skip the quick loss shams

Terrific, you lost 30 pounds this month! Can you explain the physiology behind that loss? No. And neither can your body. So it will try to regain those pounds as soon as it can – but this time with a higher ratio of fat cells. The brain and hormones run this show and no infomercial can beat the brain. Stop dieting.

Invest in yourself

so you can invest in your family, your career, and your passions.


Dr. Gina Sirchio is a physician based in Chicago. Her practice focuses on ortho-molecular nutrition, biochemistry based evaluations and getting her patients back into their LIVES; active, pain-free and high in energy.



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