Top 10 Signs You’re A Superfoodie


Superfoods. They fuel us. (And obsess us).

But, hey, what’s the harm in a healthy obsession?

We love this article from Colleen Wachob of Mind Body Green. We’ve even added a few of our own!

Here are the top 10 signs you’re a superfoodie

1. When a smoothie recipe calls for berries, you need more details. Acai? Camu camu? Goldenberry? Goji? Maqui? Mulberry? Blueberries or raspberries are for amateurs.

2. You Instagram your juice. In fact, you post more pics of juice than people. Juice pics are the new selfies, ammi right?

wheatgrass juice

3. You know your nursery rhymes. They’re not exactly what you learned in kindergarten: “Brown and close to the ground”, “fats that give back”, “eat the rainbow.” Admit it, you hum them while scrambling your morning egg whites.

4. You’re a turmeric evangelis. You put in on everything, even if it’s not in the recipe. And you love telling people why they should do the same.

5. You juice grass. Does your kitchen counter resemble an ornamental wheatgrass garden? Too bad it’ll soon be crushed in the Breville.

6. You have a special cupboard for mason jars. Your kitchen has a whole cupboard dedicated to every possible shape and size – and you get excited when a new model is released. OMG they make jars with straws now!

7. You love your high school math teacher. Thanks to Mr. Jones you can calculate carb to protein ratios and tabulate the glycemic load without ever touching your smartphone calculator.

raw cacao bars

8. You happily spend $8 on a chocolate bar. That’s the low end when you buy low-glycemic, raw cacao, superfood-infused bars. Once you go raw…

9. Move over palm sugar, lucuma is your favorite sweetener. So much more beta-carotene, hullo! The real question is: will you be moving on toyacon?

10. You brew your own kombucha. Doesn’t everyone have a pet name for their SCOBY?


Wanna know which superfoods make you a tiger in bed? Check out this article.

What makes you a superfoodie? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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